40% January Sales on Women's Clothing Il Baco da Seta

40% January Sales on Women's Clothing Il Baco da Seta


Time flies, as do the seasons, which is why the winter sales on women's clothing are now available at Il Baco da Seta . This time is highly anticipated by many women, since many times there are some clothes that are trends and for "x" reason it is not possible to purchase them as soon as they come out.

Sales of up to 30% are undoubtedly a great opportunity to put together a good wardrobe for next winter. It never hurts to have that wild cardigan that is easy to combine and lasts over time.

In addition, you can take advantage of these discounts from the comfort of your home, making the purchase online. This way, you can select the model you like the most and see the details of each garment without any rush.

Tips for making a worthwhile purchase

Many times when buying we feel overwhelmed and do not think about what we really need. Therefore, at IL Baco Da Seta, we offer you some tips to keep in mind when taking advantage of the discounts.

Although on our website you will be able to make an organized purchase, since you will be able to filter by garment, brand, accessories, some tips do not hurt:

  • Make a list: it is the easiest way to not forget anything you need. Remember that there are not always 30% discounts on luxury clothing. The ideal is to do it in order of priority in order to have those basics that can never be missing in the closet.
  • Invest in a classic: trends are always the ones that catch our attention throughout the season, but the classics are the ones that cannot be missed. This is your chance to get it: a good coat , purse or boots . Don't miss out on yours!
  • Don't hesitate, don't miss the opportunity: when buying, many times we feel insecure and enter into doubt and that is what should not happen. The winter sales are a unique opportunity to get exclusive clothing at 30% less.

What clothes can I get in the January sales at IL Baco Da Seta?


The list of options is endless and you can see it yourself on our website. In addition, you can get exclusive brands that are found on the best catwalks. Some of the alternatives that you should not overlook:


You can choose wool, feathers, in various colors, but also the classic black, beige and gray that will keep you warm and fashionable every winter. Some of the brands you can find:

  • Harris Wharf London: minimalist designs, made with high quality fabrics by Italian designers.
  • Alpha Studio: coats with timeless and elegant style. Each of the designs is creative and handmade.
  • Save the Duck: it is a brand committed 100% to nature. They are characterized by excellent down jackets .



Nowadays it is very easy to find pants for every occasion and at IL Baco Da Seta we are no exception, from dress pants to jeans. Additionally, the fit of each one of them is exceptional because each brand we work with is top-notch.

I got a classic that never goes out of style and that will always save you when going out with your friends. Some of the brands: Cambio, Cappellini, Agoefelio, among many others.



We come to a classic that all women want to have: warm boots that last over time. In our section, you can find the best designs, colors and models so that your wardrobe is complete.