How to clean Mou boots. 3 Essential Tips

How to clean Mou boots?: 3 essential tips


Mou boots are essential to cope in the best way on the coldest days. In fact, there are so many models that you can build a wardrobe with them and combine them with different clothes this season.

With these shoes, it is very easy for your feet to stay warm for a long time and you will achieve a very chic look. But of course they need certain care and throughout this text, we will teach you 3 essential tips for cleaning Mou boots.

Tips for caring for Mou boots

Mou boots are made with high-quality materials, but at the same time delicate, which is why they require certain care. When you buy the shoes in the store, they will look shiny and the idea is that as time goes by they will look the same way.

There are several reasons why the Mou boot can be damaged? There are several: snow, rain, contact with dirt, grass, etc. Of course it depends a lot on where you use them, but it is a shoe for all times.

Before continuing, it is important that you know that you will have to clean your boots regularly to maintain them. For them you will need: water, soap and a soft brush. Step by Step:

  1. Remove surface dust from boots. In a container, place water and neutral soap.
  2. Using the brush, gently apply this mixture onto the boots, without rubbing too much. Especially in the seams.
  3. Rinse the shoes with water. Repeat the procedure until the soap is completely removed.

It should be noted that, to clean the inside of the boot, you must follow the same steps that we explained previously. To dry them inside, we recommend placing paper inside so that it absorbs moisture. Keep in mind that they stay for 24 hours in a place with fresh air, but not directly in the sun.

In short, to clean your Mou boots you have to take the following into account:

Use appropriate products

Although you can get an excellent cleaning kit on the market, it can be expensive, which is why we previously taught you how to clean them with products you have at home.

If your boots are stained, apply warm water with a few drops of vinegar and let them dry. Another way to remove stains is to place white chalk on them.

Clean the boots inside

It is not only important to clean Mou boots on the outside, but it is also essential to do so on the inside. In many cases, the heat generates sweating in the feet and that causes odor. To do this you can use a suitable spray or simply foot powder.

Another alternative is to use baking soda and place it in the same way as talcum powder. To remove it, one option is to use wet wipes.

Store Mou boots well

Being a shoe that is used in autumn-winter to be warm, during the rest of the seasons it is important to store them in their original box. This way, you will prevent them from getting filled with dust and other dirt. When you use them again, you only have to brush them and that's it, your Mou boots will be like new.