Zinda Vitas Black ShoeZinda Vitas Black Shoe
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Zinda Vitas Taupe ShoeZinda Vitas Taupe Shoe
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Veneziana Fuxia ShoeVeneziana Fuxia Shoe
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Veneziana Mint Velvet ShoeVeneziana Mint Velvet Shoe
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Veneziana Red Velvet Shoe
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Mou Inner Wedge Short Back Hotfix BootMou Inner Wedge Short Back Hotfix Boot
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Mou Inner Wedge Irisdiscent Sequins BootMou Inner Wedge Irisdiscent Sequins Boot
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Women's footwear has to be very wearable and add style to our outfits. Our selection of sneakers, boots, sandals, pumps, flat shoes, women's loafers and espadrilles does not stray from this principle. Whether to go to the beach, to dinner with friends, to work, or to go to a romantic dinner, the women's footwear that we select in our online store is feminine, elegant, with an urban touch.

This essential accessory in our wardrobe has to be sophisticated as well as practical. We like many different styles that we alternate depending on the time of day or the mood of the moment. Flat shoes, high-heeled shoes - medium or high -, with a lot of sole or flat, winter ankle boots, MOU boots for the coldest days... A shoe for every moment.

At Il Baco Da Seta we do everything possible to find the best value for money when it comes to women's shoes. We don't have many brands but the ones we sell "wreak havoc" on our clients.

Some of our best brands of women's shoes:

MOU Boots

For this firm, eco-freindly production is a priority. Made of natural and ecological fibers, MOU boots leave no one indifferent. Most likely, you have seen actresses and personalities from around the world wearing MOU boots with or without a wedge. Here in Spain, our beloved Paula Echevarria made it fashionable, in her Ellle magazine blog: on Paula's trail. As our clients say, they are the most comfortable and warm boots they have ever tried.

Espadrilles Casa de Vera

These espadrilles made of natural fabrics such as jute and cotton are characterized by their typical pompoms from the Andes of Venezuela. It is a brand that lives with one foot in Venezuela and the other in Spain, since they are designed in Venezuela and manufactured in Spain. Since its inception it was a success and every summer, the brand reinvents itself with new, increasingly beautiful collections.

Lovelies Sandals

This recently created Scandinavian sandal brand finds its inspiration in the minimalism of its designs. Ideal for summer days, they want to be perfect for the beach. As it could not be otherwise, due to their origins, they are made from natural and ecological products, which is why they allocate 1% of their turnover to causes to save the planet. Don't miss out on trying them because they are super bearable.

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