7 key women's fashion trends for next year.

Of course, every season we let ourselves be influenced by those small trends that emerge every month and that we all want to show off to be fashionable. In fact, we often wait for the launches of different brands to guide us on styles, colors and garments.

But, at Il Baco Da Seta, we want to make your job even easier and show you 7 key women's fashion trends for next year that you can't miss. Let's start!

With the arrival of each season, trends sometimes change very little and other times the changes are more abrupt. In summer-spring, the colors are more striking, cheerful and the garments are more exposed, while reaching autumn-winter, the colors darken and the garments are warmer.

If you are a “fashion addict”, you are probably already aware of the trends for next year, if not, take note because below we will detail everything you need to know to put together the best trendy styles you can imagine.

Plaid garments

Checkered prints on different types of garments are already a years-old classic of all seasons, in fact, they can be seen on knitwear for summer and also on coats .

You can find them combined with each other in different colors and they are quite easy to combine with classic garments in solid colors (those that you always have at the bottom of your closet).

Colorful down jackets

As the years go by, the colors also become more present in the winter, they are no longer just for summer and this is the clear example of the down jackets . This garment is one of the most versatile that you can have in your closet, as it looks great with casual and formal clothes.

Rock style

Without a doubt, this style is great for going out with friends at night and also for the day, since you can find leather jackets and pants, both in summer and winter. Additionally, you can wear them with sneakers or ankle boots to elevate the look.

If you want to tone down your outfit a bit, a good alternative is to add some knitted clothing, such as a sweater .


Another very comfortable style that is here to stay. The thing is that garments with this cut are the most chosen in recent times and will continue to be so. Some are encouraged to wear a total oversized look, while others prefer it only in one garment and the other prefers to wear it closer to the body.

You can find the oversized model in pants, sweatshirts, jackets, in different colors, textures and designs.


Have you ever imagined combining sports shoes with a dress? Surely not and, believe it or not, it is the strongest when we talk about trends. Sneakers, especially white ones, cannot be missing from your closet. They go with any look you can imagine and are also the most comfortable thing you will find to wear all day.

Knitted or jogging sets

The sets are the ideal garments for those days when we don't know what clothes to choose to wear, if you want to look more casual you can opt for the jogging ones, while the knitted ones are more elegant.

The garments that you can find in “sets” are many, from tops, pants, cardigans to shorts. You will always find one suitable for your style.

Animal prints

Another trend that never goes out of style and is always present in every summer and winter. Of course it depends on each brand, but there is no doubt that you have to have at least one animal print garment in your closet.

In addition, you can find this print on different garments and especially textures, from knit to cotton and it looks great on everyone. Dare to use it!