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Women's shirts and blouses

Women's shirts and blouses are perfect for dressing with style and elegance, on any occasion. These garments are essential pieces of your wardrobe: fashionable blouses, white shirts, checkered shirts, silk shirts, printed blouses, striped shirts, romantic white blouses... At Il Baco Da Seta, you will find all types of shirts and blouses. fashion.

They have no limit in terms of combinations. With jeans, pants, skirts or a suit, you can wear them with everything and achieve very different but always stylish looks. With a denim jacket or a velvet jacket they will give your style a more bohemian look.

You can combine a shirt with all types of clothing. Loose or tight, structured or unstructured, outside or inside, it can be worn in a thousand different ways. If you know how to combine these pieces, they will help you highlight the strong points of your silhouette. They are the perfect ally for your look and a "must have" in your closet.

Brands and latest trends

In our store, you will find the best models from the brands SHIRT C-ZERO, DIEGA, MILK BLOCKPRINT, WHYCI MILANO, CAPPELLINI, FABIANA FILIPPI, MAJESTIC FILATURES and as always, every season we look for new brands with which to fill our coat racks with glamor and fashion.

Diega Shirts

Diega's women's clothing collection will give a French touch to your style. The cottons are very light and the prints are very versatile so you can combine them in a thousand ways.

Whyci Milano

Exclusively Italian production, Whyci Milano is characterized by exquisite taste. Natural silks with exclusive prints, high-quality linens and high-quality T-shirt knits are the common thread of this very Milanese brand. Warm colors that, even though they are fashionable, stand the test of time.

Cappellini women's blouses

Another 100% Made in Italy for this brand that presents us season after season with white shirts of impeccable cut and cotton. A classic but renewed fabric with a percentage of elastane so that the garment has that modern look that every woman requires.

Fabiana Filippi shirts

This brand's shirt is a complement to its total look collection. Fabiana Filippi's strong point is the point. He works it like no one else. Cashmere, merinos, silk and cotton are the materials with which they make the knit.

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