Save The Duck Black Trench CoatSave The Duck Black Trench Coat
On sale

Save The Duck Black Trench Coat

€297,00 €330,00
Save The Duck Navy Trench CoatSave The Duck Navy Trench Coat
On sale

Save The Duck Navy Trench Coat

€297,00 €330,00
Trench Harris Wharf LondonTrench Harris Wharf London
Sold out
Ecoalf Trench CoatEcoalf Trench Coat
On sale

Ecoalf Trench Coat

€180,00 €200,00
Harris Long Opening CoatHarris Long Opening Coat
On sale

Harris Long Opening Coat

€468,00 €585,00
Ecoalf Venuealf Lima trench coatEcoalf Venuealf Lima trench coat
On sale
Hetrego Down Jacket Caramel Hair NeckHetrego Down Jacket Caramel Hair Neck
On sale
Vlab Kiwi Shearling JacketVlab Kiwi Shearling Jacket
On sale

Vlab Kiwi Shearling Jacket

€190,00 €380,00
Vlab Coat with Cognac BeltVlab Coat with Cognac Belt
On sale

Vlab Coat with Cognac Belt

€217,50 €435,00
Vlab Coat with Black BeltVlab Coat with Black Belt
On sale

Vlab Coat with Black Belt

€217,50 €435,00
Parka Nice Things PocketsParka Nice Things Pockets
On sale

Parka Nice Things Pockets

€87,50 €175,00
Clox Fur Letters CoatClox Fur Letters Coat
On sale

Clox Fur Letters Coat

€215,00 €430,00
Eleonora Amadei CoatEleonora Amadei Coat
On sale

Eleonora Amadei Coat

€100,00 €200,00
Stutterheim Long Trench CoatStutterheim Long Trench Coat
On sale

Stutterheim Long Trench Coat

€199,50 €399,00
Byu Marbled Knit CoatByu Marbled Knit Coat
On sale

Byu Marbled Knit Coat

€117,50 €235,00
Is Coming Lurex CoatIs Coming Lurex Coat
On sale

Is Coming Lurex Coat

€212,50 €425,00
Lightweight Conti Neoprene CoatLightweight Conti Neoprene Coat
On sale

Lightweight Conti Neoprene Coat

€347,50 €695,00
Clox Fur JacketClox Fur Jacket
On sale

Clox Fur Jacket

€172,50 €345,00
Fabiana Filippi Cashmere CoatFabiana Filippi Cashmere Coat
On sale

Fabiana Filippi Cashmere Coat

€670,00 €1.340,00
Es Given Shearling JacketEs Given Shearling Jacket
On sale

Es Given Shearling Jacket

€177,50 €355,00

Women's coats and trench coats online

If we take a look at street style in winter we quickly realize that the star garments are wool coats, trenches, fur jackets, down coats...

We love to elevate a very simple look with camel trench coats or beautiful marbled coats. We are very clear that its function is to shelter us from the cold but it is better to do it with a lot of style. For this reason, Il Baco da Seta is the right store to buy women's coats online, making a difference with brands that are as elegant as they are perishable.

Below, we present some of our favorite brands

Harris Wharf London

He always teaches us that comfort and elegance go hand in hand with his jackets, coats and trench coats. These Italian brothers living in London know more about designs than anyone else and always use high-quality fabrics. Every year, they create minimalist collections, reinventing themselves.

Fabiana Filippi

This brand never ceases to surprise us. They bring us beautiful models, with the best wool and cashmere, creating jewels for our wardrobe.

Alpha Studio Coats

This brand is described with three words: craftsmanship, uniqueness and identity. They pursue timeless elegance and perfect style. Avant-garde and tradition creating a product as a symbol of Italian artisanal culture and creativity.

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