Il Baco Da Seta is a family business with more than 35 years working in fashion in Valencia. As many ladies from Valencia know, Il Baco Da Seta began as a sewing workshop for brides on Albacete Street. Over the years we modernized and changed locations on Calle Salva, then Calle Soledad and now Calle Isabel la Catolica, number 16.

Its founder Lila Albanozzo continues at the top of her game, choosing the best quality-price brands of the moment. Their passion for fashion makes Il Baco Da Seta a different store, as the Italians say it is a "Ricerca" store.

And if we have been around for so many years it is because we have the best human team in the city. Now we present it to you:

il baco da seta valencia

Begoña Mortes

Bego has been in charge of the store for more than 30 years, a master at making the best looks. Its windows and set make it stand out at every moment. No one knows Il Baco Da Seta better than her. Linkedin

Carmen Lafora

Our saleswoman Carmen is a charmer who is always cheerful and committed to ensuring that her clients are satisfied. She is an expert in creating different looks and outfits with her own personal touch that makes her clients always loyal to her good work. Linkedin

Marta Lloret

Our dear Marta is in charge of the internet, a good web manager who has trained at our side, always seeking excellence and "savoir faire" from the 35 years that guarantee us. Linkedin


Together with Marta, our model Paula is in charge of creating digital content for the web and our social networks. Naturalness, fun, elegance... Paula is just like our clients.

Miquele Vilarrasa

Our Traffiker, Miquele, brings us clients both in the physical store and online. Their social media campaigns are very successful and notorious. He is in charge of the store's online strategy and its management. Linkedin

Lila Albanozzo

The owner of the store takes care of the entire team perfectly. His good nature and friendliness make his team always avant-garde when it comes to fashion in the city of Valencia. Linkedin