Five best dress brands for this spring summer.

The 5 best brands of summer dresses

There is always a time to look for the perfect summer dress, whether plain, printed, in classic colors, short or long, but to do so it is necessary to know which are the best brands of women's summer dresses. In this article, we will show you 5 of them.

There is no doubt that summer is characterized by wearing this type of clothing, but there are so many options that sometimes it is not so easy to look for one. Don't worry, we will help you choose the ideal dress for you.

mushroom mushroom


Since 2006, this brand has been known for offering dresses perfect for sunny days, inspired by the beaches of the Australian coast. Each of the pieces are elegant, with exclusive designs.

The spirit of its designer is free and that is why her collections produce the same. Most of their designs do not have laces and are made with the highest quality cotton, which provides functionality and comfort when using it.

The colors and prints stand out, they are easy to combine with sneakers or sandals, comfortable, elegant and relaxed, everything a summer dress needs.

Whyci milano

For this brand, raw materials are essential, which is why each of the collections is based on in-depth knowledge of them. The combination of the best materials turns the firm's dresses into soft and comfortable garments.

Classic lines are used, with texture and strong threads that enrich the quality of Italian dresses. Each of the details, embroidery and prints, are designed so that the woman who wears it feels unique on any occasion.

Terre rouge

Since 1989, this brand has been known for offering dresses, bags and accessories for the spring/summer seasons. Its designers are committed to India, for the perfect quality of cotton that can be achieved, in addition to its workshops and artisans.

Every year, a careful selection of colors and prints is made to stay on top of trends and offer women who use the brand unique collections.

Terre rouge dresses are easy to wear and above all feminine. You can find short models with and without sleeves, with an adjustment at the waist, looser and wider models, and long models with the same qualities. It will be very easy to find your suitable style.

Zen ethic

Since 1997, this brand has stood out from the rest because its collections are developed with a chic and contemporary vision of ethnic style. The firm's dresses offer exclusive prints created in Paris and are then manufactured in India.

Zen Ethic uses natural or recycled materials, such as cotton, linen, silk and wool, which is why the dresses are unique and make the woman who wears them turn heads.

The most common colors that you can find in the brand are those characteristic of Inda, the vibrant ones that combined with each other dazzle any woman, some of them are fuchsia, yellow, lilac, red, electric blue.


An Italian brand par excellence, each of its collections is carried out by local artisans with extensive experience in the subject, as well as a passion for fashion. The materials used are of course quality, selected by their designers each season.

The dresses are designed to enhance the woman's body, which is why contemporary cuts are used. Each design is exclusive and made with luxury Italian fabrics, which is why they are elegant and sophisticated.

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