Hetrego down jackets the revelation of winter

The brand has a marked simple style, but at the same time stands out for having its own character, where elegance predominates in all its cuts. This is why the public

The cold days are already established in Spain and none of the women were caught off guard. Without a doubt, the star coat of this season are the Hetrego down jackets.

In our online women's fashion store II Baco Da Seta , this trend was noticed and the down jackets are a success in sales.

Although this winter season is full of different models of clothing to cope with the coldest days, for different tastes and styles, the Hetrego parkas are the revelation. The women of Valencia prefer them over others.

Furthermore, Hetregó has been a benchmark for its quality in design for some years now. Each of the down jackets is made with high-quality and super resistant materials, which makes them at the top of the list when choosing.

The perfect coat for today's woman

Hetrgó down jackets are made with selected feathers of perfect quality, which offers a unique result. These garments are characterized by being light, in addition to providing warmth when temperatures are extremely low, thanks to their high technological sophistication.

Nowadays, the cold is no longer a problem for women's outfits. The brand has a collection with different models. The usual classics, in black, blue, gray that cannot be missing from your wardrobe and other more modern ones, with a belt that shows off your figure.

In addition, you can find long and short models in various shades. All of these options make it easy to combine down jackets with any daily look.

For street style lovers, they are the perfect coats for this 2021 season.

Down jackets: an essential basic for the closet

Italian down jackets are versatile, as they adapt to any situation due to their simple and clean design. In addition, some models have hoods to combat windy and rainy days.

Other models have a high neck, ideal for wearing closed when the cold is excessive or open to give it a more cool touch.

Selecting a Hetrego coat is simple, and they can also be combined with sneakers, rain boots, or heels, why not. It is perfect for any woman's style.

You can find the entire collection of down jackets in our online store where we guarantee security in your purchase. Additionally, if it exceeds €100 shipping is free. Delivery times range from 72 hours to 15 business days depending on the area.

We have been supported by more than 35 years as fashion leaders in Valencia, which is why Spanish women and women from other countries do not continue to choose every day to complete their wardrobe or get that unique garment that stands out on the best catwalks.