IL BACO DA SETA, personalized advice on total looks

For 35 years, II Baco Da Seta has been a benchmark in the fashion sector in Valencia. We have a wide catalog of top-level brands such as: Harris Wharf London, Majestic Filatures, Cappellini, Cambio, Shirt C-Zero, ADD, among many others.

In addition to the different brands and variety of outfits to wear at any opportunity, we offer personalized attention to make the outfits and advice so that the wardrobe is perfect.

The clients who attend the store feel satisfied, since they get the ideal look to be splendid and comfortable at the same time. The garments from II Baco Da Seta, a women's fashion clothing store, are characterized by being quality, practical, with their own seal, the one that makes the difference.

Years of experience support us, which is why today's woman, the same as ever, chooses us, since all the trends that will triumph in the streets, the garments that will sweep the streets and the most desired colors are available.

The objective of the company is that any woman who comes to the store can make her wardrobe and have the basics that cannot be missing in each of the seasons.

Looks from head to toe

At II Baco Da Seta, we have the perfect clothes and colors for the occasion you are looking for. Do you dare to receive advice to complete your look from head to toe? You will be surprised how chic and stylish it will look.

Thanks to the wide variety of garments and styles it is possible to make a casual look for every day, go out with friends and even the most elegant ones to attend a work meeting and why not a party. The result will always be elevated and surprising.

Personalized advice is based on the trends of each season and the style of the person who is going to wear it. In addition, we offer ideas to combine different basic garments so that every day it is easy to go out and be fashionable.

Of course you can't miss the classic pieces of this season, the down jackets with their own character to complete any look.

The latest trends in II Baco Da Seta

All the fashion trends are found in our store, those that you see on the best catwalks in the world. Here we will help you select the ones you like the most and the one that best suits you.

You can find everything from shirts, blouses, skirts, coats, jackets, pants, jeans, knitwear, sweatshirts, boots, shoes to accessories in all colors, sizes, models, plain and printed.

It should be noted that we emphasize sustainable fashion, betting on enveloping and comfortable clothing, where style lasts over time, but at the same time changes with the seasons.

We are the best at making and selecting a perfect total look for any occasion. In fact, many of our clients take it assembled and hang it in the closet to wear it as is. Is there anything more comfortable than that?

Quality, elegance and comfort go hand in hand at II Baco Da Seta.