Our Sales Outlet.

For some time now, clothing outlets have been present in different places and in Valencia, there is a great option for shopping lovers: the women's fashion outlet II Baco Da Seta . . In the store you can find the best sales and options for women of different styles.

It contains renowned brands, such as: Kiltie, C-Zero, XT Studio, ADD, Front Street 8, Fabiana Filippi, Michele Rossi, Absolut Cashmere, Mou, 19.61 Milano, Kiltie, Alpha Studio, Fuzzi Brand, Isabelle Blanche , Anna Baiguera, Giovi, among many others.

The discount percentages invite any woman to jump on the garments. Some range from 10% to 70%, ideal to not miss the opportunity.

The offers offered by II Baco Da Seta are so attractive that you can put together a complete look for less than 300 euros (sweater, pants and boots). In addition, it is a great option to complete your wardrobe with those garments that never go out of style, such as: Mou boots, down jacket, classic jacket, etc.

There are so many alternatives available that you can also get the perfect outfit for a special event, from a black dress combined with lace to a pair of comfortable pointed ballerina shoes to wear every day.

Authentic collections from previous seasons from world-leading brands are on view in the online store. An opportunity to shop from the comfort of home and select the right garment.

A wide variety of colors and sizes is offered, so that each woman feels unique and comfortable when wearing the clothes. There are so many clothes that the combinations that can be put together are endless, from a look for going out for a walk to attending an important meeting.

II Baco Da Seta, cares about choosing each of the garments, betting on them to be comfortable and enveloping, where the style lasts over time, but at the same time sets a trend.

Nowadays, a woman's image is very important, which is why the store offers the usual basics, even the latest in fashion, so that each woman can feel unique according to her own style.

Sustainable fashion is the company's main objective, which is why avant-garde women choose us. Colors, models, cuts for both summer and winter are available on the website.