2 winter dresses that cannot be missing in your closet

2 winter dresses that cannot be missing in your closet


Many times we think that with the arrival of the cold it is much more difficult to find an ideal look, since we must be (in some cases) extremely warm. But fashion offers us endless options and possibilities to spend the winter with the latest trends.

It is common that when the temperatures drop, we choose to dress more informally, with slightly looser clothing, however, many times we need to get clothes to be more elegant, which is why throughout this text we will show you 2 winter dresses that They cannot be missing from your closet.

This type of garment is very versatile, since it looks great for different occasions and you will also get an outstanding look just by adding accessories (necklace, purse) and footwear (stiletto shoes, boots, etc.).

The reality is that choosing the perfect winter dress depends on each person's taste, but be encouraged to try different alternatives, such as: long, slip, with a collar, short, wide, among many others.

As you can see, there are many dress models, below we mention the two that cannot be missing from your wardrobe this season.

black dresses


Without a doubt we are in the presence of a fashion icon: black dresses are always first on the list and there is no season that can resist them. These classics are those pieces that cannot be missing, since they are easy to combine with a coat and accessories.

This season, you can find the fitted silhouette (slinky) and also the oversized style, which provide a chic touch to your look but at the same time elegant, a good option to be comfortable in any situation.

The black dress is so versatile that it looks good with everyday sneakers, high boots, high heels, etc. Remember that less is more, and black dresses are always the safest choice.

Knitted dresses


Although fabrics have been part of cold days for a long time, currently, knitting is found in different garments, something that did not happen before and one of them is in dresses.

This type of garment, in addition to being trendy, is a simple option to achieve a total look, it is comfortable and warm for days with low temperatures. The options available on the market are many, but the smooth versions and in classic and earthy colors are the ones chosen. Like black dresses, maxi cuts are also found here.

As for footwear, knitted dresses look perfect with different options, but with mid-calf boots or ankle boots, even better. They are soft to the touch, some thicker than others, textured, short, long, mid-calf and all of these suit any body.

In conclusion, black and knitted dresses are an option that you have to consider for this winter. Your wardrobe should be made up of timeless, versatile garments, and these two garments are ideal.