The 5 best brands of women's pants

Women's pants are a must-have in anyone's closet, but there are so many options on the market that we often don't know how to find the perfect one. There are so many models, designs, brands and fits that when it comes to shopping we get dizzy. Therefore, in this article, we will show you which are the 5 best brands of women's pants that you have to take into account and cannot be missing this season.



This German brand specializes in the manufacture of different types of pants, using the highest quality fibers and materials. This makes them pants that fit the woman's body perfectly.

In its collections it is possible to find jeans, with modern cuts and adjustable to each type of silhouette, ideal for daily use. In addition, the sports line is comfortable and versatile wherever you look, since it is currently fashionable to combine them even with shoes.

Of course you can't miss the classic CAMBIO line, with perfect pants for those women who prefer this style, in neutral colors that go for any occasion.



Italian brand of women's clothing whose motto is: “less is more.” For more than 25 years, they have stood out for carrying out manufacturing processes without contaminating the environment. This firm uses certified organic cottons, non-toxic metals and recyclable labels.

The pants models are designed for a self-confident woman, those who dare to try new cuts and lengths. For its designers it is extremely important that women can try on and touch the pants, since that way they can appreciate their quality.

There is undoubtedly a jeans for every woman, since you can find the following cuts: skinny (tight to the legs), straight (straight cut), flare (flare), relaxed-fit (high rise and straight cut), wide-leg (wide leg) and cropped (straight to the ankle).

Light with you


It is a renowned Italian brand, which every year carries out collections based on a minimalist concept. Each of the products they develop is designed so that the women who use it feel splendid and this is the case with the pants .

During the manufacturing process, they use top quality materials, which makes them unique. In general terms, the designs are simple, but elegant at the same time, perfect for daily wear and comfort.

You can find shorter and wider models than others, but they all have a unique fit. As for colors, the brand is characterized by offering the classics that cannot be missing in the wardrobe, but also more striking colors, such as yellow, red, among others.

Lab dip


This brand was created with the goal that women had perfect pants within their reach, those that provide self-confidence and last over time. In addition, the models are made to fit perfectly to different ages and body morphologies.

Aesthetics, comfort and quality go hand in hand with the Lab dip pants. The brand has three clear objectives:

  • That women can enjoy wearing Labdip pants and looking in the mirror without problems.
  • May all women of all ages and bodies be encouraged to wear tight jeans.
  • Best quality-price on the market.




Agoefil pants are 100% Made in Italy. The firm is committed to using modern materials, as well as cuts that are combined with different textures, are comfortable and their fit is perfect for any silhouette.

These pants are ideal for those dynamic women who want to look fashionable and be comfortable all the time. You can find some models in plain, polka dot prints, checkered and even lace .