The best quality footwear brands in Valencia


Most women, if not all, think that footwear is the key accessory that cannot be missing to complete any look and they are right. Every season, the best brands present collections that leave us dazzled, in fact, many times we buy shoes just because they were “love at first sight.”

Footwear is part of the best catwalks in the world and no wonder. There are so many models, designs and colors that there could be one for every woman, but there are always the classics that cannot be missing from the wardrobe. In our online and physical store , you can find the best footwear brands in Valencia.

Whatever the model, whatever colors you choose, it is always advisable to opt for a good brand of footwear, since in addition to taking care of our feet, it is a product made with high quality materials so it will last over time. Many times investing a little more money is worth it.

Any advice? Go ahead and treat yourself to selecting that shoe you always wanted. Nowadays, even sneakers look good with party dresses. Feel unique and create your own style!

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The designers of this Italian footwear brand are responsible for designing sneakers that make a difference. They are characterized by combining two aspects: tradition and modernity. Wushu sneakers provide youth, their colors stand out in any look.

The models are quite similar to each other, but the number of color combinations that the firm has make them unique. Its exteriors have high-quality fabric and its iconic Ruyi symbol.

Vera's House

Spanish brand that became a trend a few years ago, its footwear and accessories cannot be missing in the European summer. The brand's objective is that every woman who wears Casa Vera footwear leaves her mark wherever she wears it.

The main product is the Andean espadrilles that are decorated with pompoms and tassels made by hand. In addition, sandals, also combined with eccentric colors, pompoms that enhance any summer look.

It should be noted that this company also manufactures boots for autumn-winter, with a touch of color characteristic of the brand.



Hoff is also a Spanish brand that was born in 2016, with the aim of developing footwear that combines quality, design and price. Hoff sneakers stand out from the rest due to the creative designs with which they are manufactured, since their designers are inspired by iconic places in the world to make them.

Hoff footwear has a perfect fit on any foot, and also provides the right balance with any outfit. The models are quite similar to each other, but the combination of colors used is so broad that there are endless alternatives to choose from in each collection.



The footwear of this brand is characterized by being very feminine, with color combinations thought in detail so that each woman who uses it feels splendid. In addition, the products used to make them are of high quality, therefore, they offer comfort, such as the flat designs of strappy sandals.

Lovelies products are successful every season. They are differentiated from the rest by their characteristic straps that cross to support the foot, but at the same time leave it uncovered, they are ideal for summer days. They can be worn with long dresses, short dresses, with jeans and for any occasion, since these shoes dress at all times.