The bag that will be a trend this spring 2023

The new trends can already be seen on the catwalks and of course they will be part of the style choices we will make this spring that is soon to begin. In this case, we will tell you which are the bags that cannot be missing from your closet this spring - summer season.

As we all know, bags are a key accessory to complete any look. They are a fundamental piece that enhances our outfit and the best of all is that they can be found in different sizes and colors, from pastel tones to the most vibrant ones, as is the case with the Alexandra Alberta Chiolo bags.

The firm offers practical models, with silhouettes that are perfect for any situation. In our store , you will find a selection of the brand's bags that I assure you will be delighted.

Alexandra Alberta Chiolo Bags

Alexandra Alberta Chiolo is a brand that is characterized by producing handcrafted bags made in its own workshops in Italy. They are light, ideal to take anywhere, since they only weigh 420 grams.

Another important point that characterizes the firm is that they are made with high quality materials, more precisely with a padded Lycra fabric that is waterproof, perfect for rainy days.

The colors of the bags, without a doubt, are the true protagonists of this collection: pistachio, violets, fuchsias, yellows, greens, among many others. In addition, all models are characterized by having black lines that contrast perfectly with the colors used.


Why do we like the Bag L from the Italian brand Alexandra Alberta Chiolo so much?

The answer is very simple, they are two bags in one . Yes, as you read, on the one hand, a large one to use daily and fill it with things as we all like and on the other hand, a smaller one to show off at night, which is located inside. This model is very common to see in the city of Milan.

The Bag-L is a versatile, comfortable and practical bag and it is what we are all looking for when investing in one of them, which is why it is a great option to stand out on different occasions and look elegant at the same time.

The material with which this bag is made is neoprene, resistant, docile and elastic, which makes it an ideal alternative to carry anywhere. Its Italian design can be seen from afar.


You can choose between two different finishes, but always with the brand's avant-garde style. The matte texture is timeless and recommended for use at any time of the day. While the metal option is more daring.

Therefore, if you want a chic bag, in full color, we invite you to our store, where we have them this spring - summer season in 8 different colors, one more attractive than the other, at a price of €154 for the matte one and €169 € the metallic one for two bags.