Spring looks for rainy days

We are in Valencia and in the month of March you begin to feel that characteristic smell of gunpowder and parades. The Fallas arrive, the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

But as we all know, those rainy days will also arrive, typical of the coming months and with them a question: what should I wear to go out stylish but comfortable? We tell you that rain is not a reason why you have to give up trendy looks.

Throughout this article, we teach you how to get elegant, comfortable and, best of all, rain-proof outfits. Are you ready to show off underwater?

Time for trench coats, trench coats and waterproof jackets

If we are sure of one thing, it is that in your wardrobe you should have a trench coat or a waterproof jacket , since it is an essential basic for both the autumn and spring months.

Any of the options turns out to be a good wild card to use when the weather is not the best and they are also quite light, comfortable to wear throughout the day. But how to wear them in a different way? Bet on the color block trend and mix strong tones, this way you will achieve an important contrast between the chosen colors and the result will be the best.

Spring looks for rainy days

In this spring season, which is about to begin, you can see waterproof jackets in vibrant colors, perfect to combat a rainy day. In this case, we selected a red one and there is no doubt, with jeans and fuchsia sneakers they are perfect to achieve the desired style.

Spring looks for rainy days

As we already mentioned, trench coats are an essential basic, since they add a sophisticated touch to any look, they can be a perfect ally to your basic garments. In this case we selected one in navy blue to contrast with the rest of the garments that attract everyone's attention.

Jeans and cropped pants

Jeans and ankle-length pants , in addition to being comfortable to wear every day during spring, are light and look perfect with different clothes and all of us women love that because it becomes a basic garment to put together a look.

This season there are many styles of culottes, from wide, tighter to the body, high waist, which give a skirt effect. They can be combined with tops, shirts or, as in the case of the photo, we chose a T-shirt that is closer to the body, striped in orange and white to match the pants.

These models of pants can be worn with many styles of shoes, from sandals to sports style sneakers.

Spring looks for rainy days

Accessories, your best ally

As we all know, bags are the accessory that elevates any style. We tell you that this year the models that you can get in our store are designs from recognized brands that capture anyone's attention.

In the case of Alexandra Alberta Chiolo bags, they are made with a flexible and resistant material such as neoprene, which makes it an ideal ally for rainy days, since it is waterproof.

You can find these bags in different colors, models and sizes, but they are all characterized by having a lot of style and being light. In the look that you can see in the photo, we selected a bag with handles in red combined with black, of good size.

Spring looks for rainy days

Another accessory that you can choose to add to your outfits this spring are scarves , which replace the classic cover that we use during the winter. They can be obtained in different shades and prints.

Comfortable sneakers or ankle boots

Without a doubt, sneakers and ankle boots are two alternatives that easily adapt to our mid-season outfits and the best of all is that they are comfortable and versatile options, since they look great with different styles.

In our store you can find Wushu sneakers in different color combinations, so many, there are more than 40. All models are functional, comfortable and perfect to add to your spring look.

Spring looks for rainy days