Why a custom wedding dress?

It is obvious to say that your wedding day is a date that will remain in your memory forever. One of the most beautiful days of your life! In addition to the logical preparations for any ceremony, choosing the wedding dress is essential to make you feel unique on such a special occasion.

First of all, you will have to decide if you prefer a personalized wedding dress or a collection dress , with an already defined model. To help you in your choice, today we would like to present you the advantages of opting for a tailored wedding dress.

It is a less known process, which can be scary because you do not directly see the result. Unlike bridal shops where you can directly try on a wedding dress and project yourself, in a sewing workshop, you will have to go step by step. Design, create, choose the fabric, get excited... Making a custom wedding dress is a creative, craftsmanship process. Precisely, that is the experience we want to share with you.

In our sewing workshop, we help you bring the dress of your dreams to life. Discover now what the advantages of a personalized wedding dress are.

A completely personalized design, designed with and by the bride

One of the aspects that any woman is most excited about is choosing the wedding dress and even more so when the design is personalized, exclusive to show off that special day, that totally matches the dress of her dreams.

The advantages of making a custom dress and not buying it directly from a store are many, but the main one is the creation of a unique design .

In our sewing workshop, the creation process always begins with an interview with the bride. Our goal is to get to know you and create a comfortable and close environment, to perfectly understand your wishes and from there, we start working.

We highlight the silhouette and physiognomy of the woman, taking care of every detail. Our designer makes the best selection of fabrics, finishes and details for the chosen design.

Highest quality tailoring, made to measure

Lila Albanozzo's wedding suits are 100% made in our workshop in Valencia. The sewing work is handmade, done with great love. This guarantees maximum quality, much higher than in collection dresses.

The making of a custom wedding dress begins from the moment the measurements are taken until the final delivery. During the process, three fittings are carried out so that the dress fits your figure perfectly.

Choice of fabrics

In a sewing workshop you can get better quality fabrics or more special pieces. In our case, Lila looks for the fabrics that best adapt to each suit, according to the design and the desired effect.

Our designer's favorites are natural silks, crepe, satin and chiffon. Some of these fabrics come from Madrid, others from haute couture suppliers located in Valencia.

It is important that you know that the fabric and the choice of tones is what makes the difference. By making your suit to measure, you will have the opportunity to choose what you like most.

A magical experience

Opting for a custom dress is a true experience. It's part of the magic of the wedding. It is not just entering a store and choosing a model, but it is an entire artisanal, haute couture process, where the bride has the main role.

Lila's role is also very valuable, since she gives confidence, works hand in hand with the bride and makes her wedding day dazzle all the guests.