Shoes that will be a trend this fall winter 2022-2023

Shoes are undoubtedly the complement that any look needs to give a twist to your style. But for this it is essential to know which shoes will be trending this fall winter 2022-2023.

Nowadays there are so many options available that you probably won't know which one to choose, they range from high-top sneakers, boots to loafers. Therefore, in this post we tell you all the possibilities you have to choose from.

Boots and ankle boots

Boots are already part of the classics of the cold months. In fact, they are also often used in summer with certain looks. They can be combined with dresses, short skirts and pants.

Belle Vie boot

At Il Baco Da Seta, we suggest you opt for the boot model with a high shaft and an inner wedge because they are very comfortable to wear throughout the day, in addition to adding elegance to the outfit because they are made of leather.

You can also choose the short black ankle boot that looks very nice with jeans. Its closure, at its cost, makes it a practical shoe when it comes to putting it on.

Belle vie boot seasonal shoes

Texan boots, cowboy style

This option is a departure from the usual classics, but it can work very well if you prefer to use a different style. Like the previous models, it can be perfectly combined with dresses, skinny jeans and skirts.

A recommendation? Before selecting the model and length of the shaft, take into account the length of your legs.

This style of boot usually comes in many colors. Remember that, if you are going to invest money, it is preferably best to select a neutral color.

The moccasins

If we talk about comfortable and stylish footwear, loafers are first on the list. They are an interesting option to wear daily, go to the office or simply take a walk.

This season, you can find many different models of loafers, from the usual classics to more sophisticated patent leather loafers. This shoe is characterized by being low, but not flat. Some designs come with a small heel, which is comfortable and wide.

The dancers

If you want to add femininity to your look, ballet flats are perfect. They are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable shoes you can find in this fall winter 2022-2023 season.

They are characterized by being flat and with a round tip. This year you can find them in our store in different shades. Do not miss it!

Warm boots

As we are already accustomed to by the Mou brand , for this season it offers an endless number of options for warm boots that, in addition to being perfect for facing the cold, look very cool.

Among the most notable models for these months, the best alternative are those that come with fur, a perfect coat for low temperatures. These boots are made by hand, with their typical stitching that distinguishes them from the rest.

Mou Boots


For a few seasons now, sporty and more casual style sneakers have been the undisputed stars of the best catwalks. I would say that it is an essential shoe for your wardrobe.

wushu shoes

The models you can select are many and go very well with any style of outfit, from a dress for a night out to a pair of jeans for shopping. Among the new trends, there are Wushu ones that come combined with different shades or white ones that do not fail.