3 trends in bags for summer 2022

Many times we ask ourselves if it is worth investing in a good bag and the answer is yes, don't hesitate. Bags are pieces that elevate any look and are also functional for any occasion.

As happens every year in the world of fashion, new trends are known and bags are not left out of the big catwalks, so throughout this text we will show you which ones are suitable for this summer 2022.

It should be noted that there is an endless list of brands, colors, designs and models of bags that are capable of turning the simplest outfit into a more chic one. Of course we recommend always having a basic in your wardrobe, as it will be the ideal wild card for any situation.

Summer 2022 bag trends

It happens that many times when buying a bag we are in doubt as to which one will be correct. Therefore, below, to make the choice easier for you, we separate the bags into three groups: small, large and geometric and within them you will find the trendy models.

small bags

In recent times, small bags have become essential because they are used as purses or to store your phone. In addition, you can find models for day, night, rigid, in mini format, strong colors and with exclusive designs on their handles.

This type of bag is perfect for those women who want to leave their home with few things: money, cell phone and keys. One thing you have to know is that you can combine this type of bag with a larger one in the same look: “two in one ”. This is another trend for this summer 2022.

If you dare to do more, within this size of bag, you can find a “heart ” shape, in different shades, it will undoubtedly add a different touch to your clothing.

Great bags

Without a doubt, functionality is synonymous with large bags, these timeless classics are a basic that cannot be missing in your closet, since they are easy to combine and can also be used every day.

Of course, within this group we find xxl models and those a little smaller in bright colors for this summer. Another alternative is mesh bags , you will see them everywhere, as well as jute ones combining different shades to take to the beach.

Geometric bags

If your style is not so classic, geometric bags are a great alternative when investing in a trendy bag. Within this category, you can find cube -shaped leather ones, rigid and with short handles to carry by hand.

Some brands choose to add different proposals to make them unique, such as a scarf on the handles, metal details, among many others. On the other hand, the cylinder bag is usually smaller than the one mentioned above, but it is still original. This model is manufactured either to be carried in the hand or to be hung on the shoulder, depending on the brand.

How to choose the best bag for this summer 2022?

Of course, the perfect bag will be the one you like the most according to your style and the budget you have to spend on it. With the tips that we taught you above, you will surely be able to choose the right one.

There are three fundamental points that you have to take into account when choosing: size, color and function.

  • Size: it is a very important aspect, if you want a bag for going out for a walk you can opt for a small one, however, if you need a beach bag, an xxl will be ideal.
  • Color: at this time of year, bright colors are the ones that are in fashion, but if you have to invest in a bag because you don't have one, select a classic color that never goes out of style and combines with any look.
  • Function: What you need the bag for also comes into play here. Therefore, pay close attention when shopping.