How to dress if you are curvy or luscious?

If you are a curvy woman you have nothing to worry about, enhancing the strengths of your figure is part of fashion and in this text we will show you which are the best clothes to get the right look.

Dare to use colors and prints, those that flatter your curves. There are many options that are essential for you to have in your wardrobe.

Essentials for curvy women's wardrobe

As we mentioned, there are certain items that cannot be missing from your wardrobe, since they are essential to put together any look. As for colors, it is preferable that they be neutral on the top and a color that you like for the bottom. Vertical stripes are also a great option because they elongate the silhouette.

So, for the top part, you can't miss leather blazers and jackets, basic blouses and t-shirts. Ideally, these last two options do not have too many details and that they are placed inside the pants.

In case you have a special occasion, you can opt for a solid-color V-neck cami top, which looks great under a blazer.

As for the bottom garments, loose midi skirts, tube skirts or those at the knees are a good alternative because your hips will look elastic. It is recommended that any of these styles of skirts be made of a rigid fabric to help shape the figure. In addition, they should be combined with a loose blouse or sweater to balance the volumes. Jeans and pants are a basic that cannot be missing, ideally they are high-waisted and straight.

Styling tips to style your curvy figure

  • Neutral colors hide volume, but this does not mean that bright colors cannot be used. On the contrary, you can use one for the top garment and the other for the bottom.
  • Select clothes that fit your size and that are not so wide for fear of marking your figure. This is usually the most common mistake and it turns out that they provide more volume.
  • Avoid wearing clothes with ruffles or prints on areas of your body that you don't want to highlight.
  • Use vertical stripes, they elongate the figure. However, the same does not happen with horizontal stripes.
  • Accessories cannot be missing from your look. They are a way to attract attention and make you feel more comfortable. Some options: necklaces that elongate the torso, maxi earrings or eye-catching bags.
  • Heeled shoes also help to be more stylish.
  • Thick knitted garments as well as oversized cuts are not an option.

Remember that like any woman, you can wear the clothes that are trending on the best catwalks in the world, what matters is the attitude. You have to focus only on combining the right clothes and hiding those parts that you don't want to be noticed.

If you don't feel like changing your wardrobe, don't be discouraged, you can go little by little and wear the new clothes combined with your usual basics.