New Collection Epice Bags

Paris is very well known for its beautiful landscapes, its history, its museums and of course for its iconic Eiffel Tower, but it is also known for its fashion. The quintessential site for great designers, stores and brands, such as ÉPICE de Paris bags .

Those in charge of designing the brand's products are Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer of Danish nationality. They started back in 1999 manufacturing exclusive scarves and knitwear, with unique designs.

The brand, in addition to high-end stoles, produces printed bags and tote bags, among other things. The designs differ from the rest because they are created with the aim of achieving a work of art, since a careful selection of the size, thread, color and patterns that compose it is made.

Each of the pieces are woven and printed manually in workshops in India, which makes them more exclusive. The characteristic tones of the products are chosen in order to achieve balance and energy with them. They are inspired by the washes of Scandinavia, the works of art of artists such as Michel Acher and Vihelm Hammershoi and the streets of Copenhagen.

In short, the brand's goal is to mix the disciplined and functional tradition of Scandinavia with the sublime and refined of India.

ÉPICE Paris Bags

Sizes, designs and colors are abundant, Épice bags cannot be missed in this new season, where the heat will begin to be noticed little by little.

The classic striped mesh, perfect to take to the beach, place your towel, a book and enjoy a beautiful sunny day. Composed with large handles that are very comfortable to carry with everything you want. In addition, most bags have a small removable pouch.

The most striking, for those women who like to stand out from the rest, are in strong colors, combined with each other. These bags are made with a double layer of polyester net, which makes them super resistant.

The glitter details are everywhere, and inside they have a much smaller bag with a zipper to store whatever you want of value.

Each of the ÉPICE Paris bag models has its own style and will make each woman feel unique when using it.

ÉPICE Paris scarves

Plain, printed, discreet and eye-catching, ÉPICE Paris scarves are made for all tastes.

Most of these products are made by hand, that is why they are unique. Each of the details that are placed are thought to perfection by its designers, as are the tones that make it up.

The materials with which they are manufactured are of high quality, such as linen, cotton, silk and wool. It is undoubtedly an accessory that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of a cosmopolitan woman. The flower print brings freshness and beauty to the genre.