Diega: natural elegance with masculine confidence

Born in the country of fashion, Diega offers garments with refined style for cosmopolitan women around the world. Under the watchful eye of its designer, Carole Petit, the production of each of the products is carried out.

Petit worked for 10 years in other brands where he perfected himself in the sector and then launched with DIEGA. For her it is important that pure and sophisticated basic concepts are present in each of the collections. In addition to giving an androgynous touch to the woman's silhouette, the garments are usually loose, where Italian fabrics with different prints predominate.

Diega gives women a French chic style that everyone wants to show off. The quality of each classic garment is perfectly combined with the prints that make them unique.

Building a wardrobe with the entire Diega collection would be possible and easy for any woman, since there is a garment for every occasion: shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, blouses, etc. Your wardrobe will be modern, sophisticated and you will look splendid at any time of the day.

DIEGA: a little history

Diega is a women's ready-to-wear brand par excellence that has a history of 21 years. It all started with a simple men's shirt, redesigned to fit women.

The creation of a masculine-feminine silhouette for fashion lovers was one of the keys to the brand's success. The pieces are designed and thought in brown and gray tones so that they are warm and flexible.

The garments created in the firm are mainly based on a simple idea, but with a strong value, such as the love for textiles. Their manufacture is made with noble, quality materials with the aim that they last in a woman's closet.

Diega, over time, evolved until achieving a complete collection in which soft silhouettes with unstructured lines predominate. In fact, in each season you can take advantage of unique timeless pieces.

Furthermore, Carole Petit, its founder and creator, reinvents herself in each collection to make it unique. Each one of them is full of life. In short, the designer believes that it is essential that each of Diega's pieces brings a chic touch to the daily life of today's woman.

Garments and collections

In each of Diega's collections, there are natural fabrics: linen, silk, mohaurm cashmere wool, baby alpaca, among others. The fabrics are washed which makes them unique with a vintage style.

The colors that predominate in each of the seasons are always soft and muted, which contributes to a complete vintage look. Diega's designer philosophy is of course reflected in the pieces: the timeless Parisian style stands out from them.

There is a garment for every woman, spontaneous, natural and confident. Where each of them can choose their own style: the usual classics or, for the most daring, prints. With different textures, Diega pieces complete any style of outfit.

Diga around the world 

Throughout its 21 years of history, Diega grew until it became part of more than 500 stores throughout the world. Of course it has its own boutique on the Rive Gauche in Paris.

In Valencia, you can find Diega garments in our online women's fashion store II Baco Da Seta , where each one is selected so that when you wear it you feel the French style.

With more than 35 years of experience in the women's fashion sector, we guarantee that your shopping experience in our store will be unique and you will leave satisfied.

In addition, we have personalized attention, where we will advise you to combine Diega garments perfectly, so that your wardrobe is exclusive and according to your style.

Thus, you can also enter our website and view each of the garments in the collection that is available, like other renowned brands.