Fall-winter fashion 2022 2023: Special accessory

The cold is already noticeable and Christmas is about to arrive, the perfect combination to know which are the fashion accessories for this fall-winter 2022 2023, ideal for giving as gifts.

The reality is that there are many different models of accessories, with style, which in some cases combine the modern with the traditional. But in case you don't know, we tell you that accessories are an essential piece to complete any look, in fact, they lift it up.

Below, we show you some of the trends in accessories so that you know which ones cannot be missing from your closet this season and so that, when thinking about Christmas gifts, the purchase is much easier.


The belt is an accessory that sets a trend every year, since it is one of the simplest ways to add style to a daily outfit. They can be used in many ways and for different occasions, whether for dress pants or to accentuate your waist with a dress.

There are many models that you can find, of different widths, textures and with different buckles. Additionally, if you prefer something more delicate, there are chain belts. Our recommendation is that, if you want to give one, select a classic black that goes with everything.


The cold weather allows us to complete our looks with accessories that are trendy and also protect us from low temperatures. Thus, hats are part of this list of essentials that cannot be missing from your wardrobe and are also very versatile.

Like belts, there are many models of hats to choose from. Also, depending on the style, you can wear it for different occasions. The usual wool classic is ideal for daily use, going for a walk, they come in many colors, among the most notable of the season are beige, natural and burgundy. Likewise, options with pompoms on top and on the side of the hat are available.

The beret is another traditional French style alternative that looks great to wear on more elegant occasions. In military green it is a great option to combine with total beige outfits.

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slippers and venetians

For those women who prefer comfort, from IL Baco Da Seta, we tell you that sneakers continue to be strong this season and what better way to choose than to choose one of the many combinations offered by the Wushu brand .

These shoes are a must-have for your daily looks, in fact, they became a basic to wear with any style of look, from jeans to a skirt. If you want to invest in a sneaker, the ideal is to choose the model that best suits your clothes and you will have a perfect accessory to wear every day.

On the other hand, there are velvet venetian blinds , perfect for cold days and ideal to incorporate into a more glamorous outfit. Their style is romantic, but they are still modern. The color palette is really very pretty: wine, blues, browns, oranges, etc.


We believe that any woman would like to receive a bag as a Christmas gift and no wonder, this accessory is one of the most used for years. This season, there are several models that set the trend.

XL bags are the most practical because, being spacious, they allow us to store a lot of things inside it. In fact, on many occasions they are the protagonists of our looks.

On the other hand, there are bags that steal everyone's attention, as is the case of those with stuffed or plush effects . They also stand out for their unique chain details, in this case a golden one is combined with a wider one of natural color, matching the bag.

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Necklaces are essential for every look you wear, because in addition to complementing it, they elevate it and give it a really nice finishing touch. Therefore, if you want to wear style in your daily life, you just need to choose which one is right for you.

This season's proposals are many, from long, overlapping necklaces to shorter ones around the neck. Some pieces that you can find in our store have designs that differ from the rest.

Necklaces are a good alternative to give as a gift this Christmas and what better than to do it with the slightly more classic option, with the seasonal colors: blue and brown.

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Gloves are the quintessential accessory of this season, elegant, sophisticated and also protect us from the cold. There are the classic models made of super soft wool, with plush details that give them a distinctive touch. On the other hand, the long ones, the leather ones and with vibrant tones.

As you can see, there is a style for every woman, you just have to try which version best suits your style, so you can take it everywhere.

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