Where to buy Wushu shoes in Spain?

Wushu Ruyi is an Italian footwear brand that stands out for the exclusive designs of each shoe, the different color combinations (more than 40) and their comfort. Due to these characteristics, Wushu sneakers are chosen this season by those women who want to achieve a chic look and be comfortable all day.

Each of the designs that are made in the sneakers combine tradition and modernity. All models are functional and versatile, since they look perfect with any type of outfits and you can get them in our online or physical store .

In addition to the wide variety of colors, the exterior of the shoe is created with high-quality fabrics, which makes them a shoe that lasts over time, with excellent durability. Meanwhile, its interior offers a high-density foam insole that guarantees comfort when using them and the sole is made of resistant materials.

Any model you select in our store has laces and in some cases they are also usually colored. Therefore, if you are looking for comfortable, light shoes to wear all day, Wushu are perfect for all occasions.

Where to buy your Wushu shoes online?

After the pandemic we have become very accustomed to making purchases from the comfort of our home and what better way to do it than on our website Ilbacodasetaonline.com where we guarantee the security you need to make a successful purchase.

We are a family business with more than 35 years of experience in the fashion sector and we are at your disposal to advise you on the available models, the right size for you and the colors suitable for your style. In addition, you can take advantage of and receive advice to put together a total look with sneakers and our clothing from renowned brands.

At Il Baco Da Seta, we offer Wushu shoes to our clients (women and men) because they are quality and we know that it is a product worth investing in to have in your closet.

It should be noted that you can also find Wushu sneakers on the Miinto and Farfetch platforms where there is a good selection of this footwear. Both platforms are very well known and if you have a problem with the product you can exchange or return them.

Of course you can also purchase the shoes on the brand's official website, although it is only in Italian and English, it is not translated into Spanish, so it can be a bit cumbersome when viewing the specifications of the shoes. each shoe.

Physical stores to buy Wushu shoes in Spain

As we have mentioned before, in our physical store in Valencia, you can find a lot of models of Wushu shoes. We are located on Isabel La Católica street, in the center of the city, at number 2 and number 16 of that same street.

At our store you will receive personalized attention and advice so that you can get the perfect Wushu shoes for your style and look that you want to achieve. In the rest of Spain we have not found physical stores that offer this product, so if it is the footwear you are looking for and you do not live in Valencia, do not hesitate to enter our website and make the purchase online.