Masks for children to go out safely

Today, Sunday, April 26, 2020, is a great day in the progressive deconfinement of Spain. Our children can now go out after six weeks of strict quarantine. Did it seem strange to you not to see any children in the city during all this time? Personally, a city without children seems very sad to me and I really want to hear laughter, screams, cries and even tantrums again. Life returns to our cities and that is good news.

The departure of the children is a step towards what will be our new normal and it must be done with great responsibility so as not to have to go back due to a spike in coronavirus cases. Among the recommended, although not mandatory, hygiene measures is the use of masks for children . We recommend using a fun cloth mask with a filter, with prints or drawings, instead of an adult surgical mask because it is a little scary.

Children's masks, adjustable

In the "Masks for children " section of our website , you will find a model of mask for children. We make them to measure and to order. You just have to make the purchase online and we will call you by phone to find out what the measurements are from cheek to cheek. The masks we sew are made of 100% cotton fabric with a double filter pocket and we make them with great love for our clients. The filters are not included but you can buy them online at Amazon or other online stores.

For every online purchase, we will make a donation of €1 to the Casa de la Caridad, a Valencian association that fights against poverty and social exclusion. They do a great job and in these times, unfortunately, we will need them more than ever.

Children's masks

Tips for going outside with small children

As mentioned previously, hygiene measures must be maximum both to protect our little offspring and to prevent new cases of infection in the population. First of all, we remember that cloth masks should be washed after each use, at 60 degrees or higher, and removed with caution by the elastic bands (without touching the front part).

Furthermore, the use of a mask should not be considered a sufficient measure to protect oneself from the virus. It is also important not to get closer than 2 meters to other children, not to sit on public benches, or play on the swings, and it is advisable to hold hands with the children so that they do not touch everything. If you use toys or strollers, remember to disinfect them with diluted bleach or 70º alcohol before entering the house. If you want more information, here is the link to the guide to good practices in outings for children, published by the government.

Ready to go? Us, yes! This first walk with our 2-year-old will have a different flavor. We will enjoy it to the fullest! This coronavirus crisis, like any adversity in life, leaves us positive lessons. It makes us appreciate the simple things in life, like going for a walk with your child.