Fashion in times of coronavirus: discover our fabric masks

In this month of April, we continue to fight against the coronavirus but with our eyes focused on the de-escalation process and the security measures that we will have to undergo once the confinement ends. And this virus is here to stay, or so it seems. In these circumstances, Il Baco Da Seta wants to offer its customers the possibility of protecting themselves from the virus, while maintaining style. As? With our fabric mask models , handmade, original and reusable.

Cloth masks

Perhaps you have seen videos on the Internet on how to make cloth masks at home, but let's be honest, not all of us have the gift for sewing masks. You don't even want to. Therefore, we bring you these masks handmade by a seamstress friend of ours. The models we offer are very fun, made with African fabric or fashionable prints, 100% cotton and washable. These are homemade cloth masks with an interior pocket to insert filters, which you can find in various online stores such as Amazon, for example. We offer different models for adults, and we also offer masks for children. with adjustable elastic band. For each mask purchased on our website, we will give 1 euro to the Casa de la Caridad, a Valencian association that serves people at risk of social exclusion.

Obviously, it must be taken into account that wearing a mask is not enough to effectively protect against the virus. It is just one measure among many others, such as washing your hands frequently and of course following all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

Hygiene measures to return to normal life

In times of coronavirus, some may think that fashion is futile and useless but we believe that taking care of yourself and looking good in the mirror is part of returning to normality. It's another way of fighting . For that reason, we have decided to offer these beautiful cloth masks on our website. We are also thinking about ozone disinfection measures for fitting rooms and clothing, dispensing hydroalcoholic hand gel at the entrance of the store and perhaps reducing capacity if necessary. We will inform you on social networks of the measures we will take so that you can return to the store with complete confidence and security. Your health and that of our staff is a priority.
Thinking about the post-coronavirus world and the reopening of our stores seems to us to be the best way to build the future. Our stores Il Baco Da Seta (at number 16 Calle Isabel la Católica, Valencia) and Il Baco Da (at number 24 Calle Misser Mascó) have been helping women dress elegantly and comfortably for many years. . This virus is not going to stop us. The team is at its best, eager to work and preparing to receive clients in the best possible conditions.

We sincerely hope that you are in good health and that you are managing these days as best as possible. Much encouragement to everyone. See you very soon.