Special guest sandals for weddings and events

When we are invited to a wedding or an event, the first thing we think about is what we are going to wear. In fact, the first thing we consider is opting for a dress, but nowadays footwear has also become an important protagonist of any celebration.

In our store, we have different proposals for sandals for wedding guests or for events. Some of them have high heels, square heels, wide heels, thinner heels, with straps and without, there are so many that every woman can find her favorite.

Best of all, all of these options have something in common: achieving a sophisticated look. In addition, they provide comfort and adapt to different styles. Next, the best sandals for wedding and event guests . Which one is your favorite?

Glitter heeled sandals

Without a doubt, shiny high-heeled sandals are some of the most acclaimed by women looking for the perfect footwear to attend a wedding or event. The options are many, but in our selection, we propose sandals with silver rhinestones that adapt to the silhouette of the foot and have a buckle as a closure. Without a doubt, it is an ideal shoe for guest looks.


On the other hand, a shoe with a stylish design , with a thin heel and strap that adds elegance to any outfit. It is shiny silver and the bracelet has rhinestones in the same tone. This proposal occupies a privileged place when looking for suitable footwear for a special occasion.


What clothes to combine these options with? Either of the two look great with skirts and midi dresses, where the ankle is visible. Remember that many times it is not necessary to have an extremely high heel to stylize your figure.

Suede heeled sandals

Velvet shoes are one of the most acclaimed by street style experts, a slightly more daring option, but one that captivates everyone's eyes. This style can elevate any monochrome look and is among the trends of this season.

If you're wondering if velvet is for summer, the answer is a resounding yes. Go for this more daring, but fine and elegant option. In addition, beige is a versatile tone to use on different occasions and with different clothes.


In the case of the wider heel sandals, we selected two alternatives that are perfect to choose as shoes for daytime wedding guests, on the one hand, sandals in two colors (black and mustard), with a 9 cm heel, comfortable for use during the day and also to show off at night. On the other hand, similar to the previous ones but with a 10 cm heel and in mustard and violet colors , both from Italian brands, elegant and classic.



There is no doubt that this type of heel, wider, is chosen by those women who prefer comfort above all else. In addition, they have been triumphing for seasons on the best catwalks.

Sandals with little heel

Yes, we are talking about comfortable sandals, those with low heels are on the podium. This option is key for those women who are not used to wearing such high heels.


As I mentioned, they all have the height of the heel in common, but some are thinner and others are wider. In addition, they have an ankle bracelet that provides support and greater stability.


In recent times, this type of sandals is the favorite model among the young public, due to its comfort. In our store you can find options for different styles, more classic in nude combined with black and a little more striking, with a buckle with stass in gold tones.