Where to buy Mou Boots Spain

Where to buy MOU boots in physical stores in Spain and online

The MOU brand is recognized throughout the world for its exclusive designs and the high quality materials used to manufacture them. In the firm's boots, it is possible to perceive sheepskin on both sides with an exterior seam that differentiates it from the rest.

The interior is made with a fleece lining, with a synthetic sole, which makes them a shoe that can be used for many seasons. They are perfect for low winter temperatures, as they completely insulate against the cold.

In addition, MOU offers many models, in fact, only the classic model has more than 20 different colors and more than 4 shaft heights. MOU boots are made by hand with natural materials, which makes any woman want to have them in her wardrobe.

Mou Boots

Physical stores to buy Mou boots in Spain

The English Court

It is a renowned multi-brand store that you can find in different locations in Spain, only by entering its website will you be able to confirm where there is one. In any of them, there is a wide variety of accessories, clothing and of course footwear, where the extensive MOU collection is located.

Gijon, Asturias

Paraphernalia: on C/Langreo 10, 33206, this store has the best brands. There you can buy accessories, clothing and footwear.

Volcano: located on C. de los Moros Street, 25, one of the most recognized stores in the city for its wide variety of quality footwear brands. In addition, they offer a catalog of top-level clothing and accessories brands.


Pepa & Cris: this store located on Calle Padre Damián, 18, has more than 57 years of experience in the fashion sector. In this case, they are experts in selling footwear of all kinds, with options for the whole family.


Saint Tropez: located on Avenida Viveiro, 38, it is a store not many years ago, more precisely it opened in 2012. It stands out for offering young and elegant brands for women and of course the MOU brand. From approximately 14 to 60 years old it is possible to get a garment.

Reinosa, Cantabria

Emma Ruiz: On Avenida Puente de Carlos III, location 5, this store opened its doors in 2001. The goal of the store is to be avant-garde with the brands they offer and for their customers to be satisfied.


Cool The Sack: This store can be found at different addresses: Zielo Shopping mall and Castellana 200. They offer accessories, bags, watches, clothing and footwear. The brand catalog is extensive, as are the models of MOU boots and sandals.


IL Baco Da Seta: in the physical store located at Calle Isabel La Católica, 16, with more than 35 years of experience selecting renowned brands, such as MOU Originales . In the store, you can also receive personalized advice to get an ideal outfit.

Mou Boots 2021

Online stores

Miinto (www.miinto.es )

On this platform it is possible to buy in more than 900 stores, so you will find various brands, including MOU boots. On the web, there are also clothing and accessories from all the brands you can imagine. As if that were not enough, it has a sales and second-hand section.

Yoox (www.yoox.com.es)

This online store is available in more than 100 countries with 10 languages ​​and 7 currencies. You can access it from mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers. In addition to footwear from different brands and of course MOU, it is possible to buy clothing and accessories from renowned brands.

The English Court (www.elcorteingles.es)

Since the 40s this store has not stopped growing. Mainly based in Madrid, it is a store where you can find anything you can think of, from a watch to a party garment. One more option to purchase your MOU boots.

Paraphernalia (www.parafernaliashop.es)

This store has the best brands. There you can buy accessories, clothing and footwear. Free shipping is from 70 euros and if it is your first purchase they give you a 5% discount.

Kamone (kamomeshop.es)

It began in 1955 with the creation of its own footwear. As the years went by, recognized brands were added. Currently, Kamome is made up of eleven multi-brand footwear, fashion and accessories stores.

II Baco Da Seta ( ilbacodasetaonline.com ) women's fashion store.

On the web there are different clothing alternatives and brands that women can use for any situation. Any purchase is delivered to your home, shipping is free.

Delivery times range from 72 hours to 15 business days depending on the delivery area.