Women's fashion trends spring 2022

Most of the renowned brands in their collections present us with pink tones in all their variants, white and pastel colors, combined with each other and also forming a total look. You dare?

Of course, prints are not left out of this season, some with marine designs, with feathers or with squares, vertical stripes, for those women who dare to have a more playful look. In our store, you can find all these options and also "dresses for this spring" . Below, we detail the essentials for this spring 2022.

The color white: a timeless classic

The color white is undoubtedly related to summer, because it is a tone that gives us “freshness” and this season you cannot miss totally white looks. But when you make this selection, you should pay attention to the textures of the garments, don't be afraid to combine and dare to show off this color.

You can find it in different options, from jackets to party and beach dresses. Another point, white sneakers cannot be missing in your closet, they look perfect from jeans to dress pants.

Pastel colors

Among the pastel colors shown on the best catwalks are pastel pink, a romantic and warm tone, quite easy to combine, you can find it in sweatshirts, sweaters, jeans and also accessories.

Lilac , green and pastel yellow are three other essential tones of the season, which can be combined with each other or with a white garment. Like pink, they can be found in a wide variety of clothing, bags and scarves to complete any look.

Oversize Dresses

Many of the traditional garments such as shirts and jeans have become oversized. This trend hides the feminine silhouette, but at the same time it looks very cool.

The ways to combine this style depend on the taste of each woman, some prefer to wear only one oversized garment and the other more fitted to the body, while others decide to wear everything oversized.

Trends for women of 40, 50 and 60 years 

Of course fashion is for everyone, colors and textures alike, but clothing choices can vary according to age, of course this depends on each woman, since each one is free to feel unique. and comfortable with the selected look.

Women over 40 are beginning to look for stylish and, above all, comfortable clothing. Blazers, monochromatic looks, shorts and fringes are some of the most selected options. Some examples of looks: jacket (with or without shoulder pads), with a skirt or jeans. One piece of information? You can't miss strappy sandals this spring 2022.

For the group of 50-year-old women, pastel tones work very well, they add a youthful touch to the look. Tailoring is another trend, the jacket suit is a basic for this age, it can be combined with dress pants or more casually with jeans.

Finally, women over 60 want to be attractive, but at the same time comfortable with the clothes they wear. The options for them this season are many and, in addition, the garments have a youthful and modern style.

The minimalist style is a great alternative, you can put together your look with basic pieces that you have in your wardrobe: black leather pants and a white shirt. Remember that less is more.

Another option is palazzo pants, casual or formal cut, in addition to being very comfortable, they look perfect with shirt dresses.