Lilac, the fashionable color for this autumn winter 2022-2023 season

The lilac color will be a trend this autumn winter 2022-2023 season (including all its shades: lavender, purple, violet, mauve). It is not new, since Very Pero was declared a fashion color by the famous Pantone institute at the end of 2021, so we repeat the trend but with great enthusiasm!

This color is the undisputed protagonist of cold days. If you don't know how to combine it, throughout this article we give you simple and practical tips so that you can wear it, regardless of your style.

We tell you that it is a super feminine, delicate color that, in its different ranges, can provide a more vibrant style to a sober look. Take note!

Trend color: Dare with the range of violets

Each season, we like to offer our clients different looks, incorporating trendy colors into our outfits. This year, the lilac color is one of the "inevitable" ones. It allows us to create very sophisticated looks, combining it with brown, another trend color for this fall winter.

If you don't dare to use the lilac color, you can start by combining it with denim fabrics that look great, in light tones. This allows the shades to be “similar”, however, if you go big, add a bright purple blazer jacket and a white t-shirt that offsets the style.

When it comes to putting together outfits, there are multiple options, but it is always important that each woman follows her style and feels comfortable with it. Some prefer a more neutral lilac look and here the accessories in orange tones (shoes, handbags) serve to break up that monochrome. Dare to use it, they will give a special touch to your look!

Although both colors have personality, you can choose one of them to be more pastel than the other and in this way you play with contrasts and create striking outfits for any occasion.

Looks recommended by Il baco da seta, with this season's color

Woman's look with seasonal color

As you already know, the specialized team at Il Baco Da Seta is in charge of putting together the best looks with the colors that stand out this season. In this case, the chosen ones were the Corduroy pants from the Essentiel brand, which is a garment that cannot be missing from this autumn-winter wardrobe, as it is suitable for all types of occasions and different styles.

Jeans are easy to combine and an ideal option is to add a violet knit item that enhances the tone of the pants. Of coat? A checkered jacket in the different ranges of lilac color. We have added some sneakers to go for a simple and elegant outfit.

Look of the day in Lilac

Dresses are undoubtedly that garment that answers the question we ask ourselves every morning: what should I wear today? In this case, printed in lilac and white with long sleeves, a collar at the base and a loose cut at the knee. It provides sophistication and even more if it is combined with corduroy venetian blinds in an intense violet color that enhances the look.

Look ideas

In addition to offering comfort, with the dresses of this fall-winter 2022-2023 season you can achieve a romantic aesthetic that will attract everyone's attention. Dare to use them!

Look with Lilac puffer jacket

Do you want to get a practical look to combat low temperatures without giving up style? In II Baco Da Seta we have the solution! When the cold days begin to appear, outerwear becomes an ally to face it and the down jacket should not be missing. In the photo you can see our favorite in lilac color, long and with a collar.

On this occasion, a look was chosen consisting of leather pants in shades of beige with a violet knitted garment for the top. To complete the set, the chosen ones are the sneakers in brown and green tones from the Washu brand.

If you want more look ideas, don't hesitate to gossip in our what should I wear today section? or our Instagram account. In either of them you will find different proposals that are trending this fall winter 2022-2023. Do not miss it!