The 5 Best Italian Fashion Designers for Women

The 5 Best Italian Fashion Designers for Women

As we all know, Italian fashion and its renowned designers conquer not only the world's catwalks, but also all women who like to be fashionable and dazzle on the streets of the city.

The garments made in Italy stand out for their exceptional workmanship and unmistakable design. For them, top-quality materials are used, unique details are incorporated in order to perfectly represent: “Made in Italy”.

Italian fashion is synonymous with elegance, refinement and sobriety, in fact, cities like Milan, Rome and Florence are considered fashion capitals. Italian designers are appreciated all over the world as fashion icons, they set a style, there is no doubt about it, among the best known are Valentino, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

In our store, IL Baco da Seta, we are known for offering top brands, which is why Italian fashion designers are present, such as: Liviana Conti, Fabiana Filippi, Armani, among others.



Italian designer par excellence who is dedicated to women's fashion. In each of his designs he is characterized by highlighting the figure of the woman, they are conservative and classic, an authentic Valentino has nothing exuberant or overloaded. In general terms, their garments are made with bright colors and of course with luxury materials.


The designs of this brand are characterized by being extravagant as they have been since the beginning of the brand. Generally, the garments are inspired by culture, classical art and the essence of Italian Art Deco, achieving colorful and bold pieces.

The Versace brand is committed to its designs being chosen by strong, elegant and sensual women. In each design you can find prints combined with excellent quality fabrics.

Dolce and Gabbana


In this case there are two designers of the firm: Domérico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna. Although this brand is not exclusive for women, it cannot fail to be mentioned, in 2012 one of their creations, the "Sicilian Dress" was selected as one of the 100 most important garments in history.

Elegance has always distinguished the brand with collections full of details that leave anyone dazzled. Suits for them are key pieces for the women's sector.

The main source of inspiration for designers is their context, reality and above all the Italian woman.


If we talk about classic style, Giorgio Armani is first on the list, his designs are sober and elegant. In addition, they stand out for being comfortable, with straight lines that fit perfectly on a woman's silhouette.

The collections made for the female audience are characterized by being androgynous, this means that they do not seek to enhance feminine lines, but rather the objective is to stylize the silhouette.

Liviana Conti


This designer is characterized by selecting top quality materials to create garments, bags and accessories. In addition, it incorporates unique details, which make its products stand out from the rest.

Most of its collections are based on a minimalist concept, with simple and elegant models, with the aim that each garment defines the woman's silhouette. Lightweight , think classic, basic models, those that should be in your wardrobe and never fail.

Fabiana Filippi

The garments of this brand are designed exclusively for those women who love excellence. Each one of them has a perfect balance between quality and details.

The colors she uses the most are neutral and soft, so that each garment imparts a discreet and chic style. Women who choose Fabina Filippi want to feel fresh and comfortable.