The best office looks for this fall

Leaving the pandemic and teleworking behind, many of you have returned to the office a long time ago and with it, the morning routine of what should I wear to go to the office today? Our team has compiled different office look styles for you and throughout this article we will show you them.

The fashion trends that stand out this fall season undoubtedly promise to elevate any office outfit. In some cases, some aim for the usual basics that we have in our wardrobe and others opt for more daring looks.

Different textures, colors, necklines and transparencies are present in the different garments. There is so much variety that it will be easy for you to find your own style and look fabulous on work days.

Best office looks for this fall winter season

Dressing well to go to work does not have to become a headache or a waste of time every morning, which is why we will show you the best office looks to achieve perfect working looks.

Although each woman has her own style that she feels comfortable with, many of us are interested in knowing what the fashion trends are for this season. We tell you that neutral colors are always easy to combine and are used a lot in the cold months, but in 2022-2023, vibrant tones are present and elevate any office look.

Take note of the best office looks for this fall and winter season and let yourself be inspired with our tips!

Look 1

If you want a comfortable and casual office outfit, these orange leatherette flared pants combined with a violet jacket with cotton pockets and a shirt in the same tone from Majestic Filatures are perfect.

For footwear you can try a green velvet Venetian-style shoe (like the one in the photo) from the Spanish brand Sveti Stefan.

Look 2

An alternative to elevate a casual office look is to add a leopard shirt from Majestic to the bell-cut, ankle-length pants from the AgoeFilo brand, in olive color. Also, if you prefer to feel comfortable all day, the Sveti Stefan shoe without a heel is great.

Look 3

Beyond the specific garments that we show you in this look, a good option to add a different touch to your office look outfit is to add color, in this case orange completely elevates it.

In this look, you can see a classic pair of pants that cannot be missing from your wardrobe this season from the Cambio brand. Its cut at the ankles is cool to combine perfectly with sneakers in Wushu tones.

To complement Diega's floral shirt, in addition to providing style, it is more comfortable than a fitted option.

Look 4

Don't be afraid to add color and accessories to the office look, like in this case a bag, it is always a good option and gives it a more elegant touch. In the photo, the selected items are a two-tone V-neck sweater from Diega, combined with navy/brown striped pants from Agoefilo.

 For the coat, the choice was the short collared jacket from Harris Wharf London and some Wushu sneakers in brown and green tones. Try wearing this combination of clothes and you will feel splendid in the office!

Other office look ideas

Of course there are thousands of color combinations and clothes that you can wear to the office. Below, we show you some other look ideas. If you need a more formal outfit, one option is the suit jacket that you can wear with some high-heeled shoes or simply with sneakers.

On the other hand, two pieces of clothing that cannot be missing in your closet: a classic jeans and a white shirt, fit perfectly together. If you prefer the latter, it can be oversized or otherwise opt for wide jeans and a tighter top.

Finally, short wide pants (culottes) provide comfort and movement. It is a formal style garment ideal for attending the office and can be combined with heeled boots of different styles: high, medium, low, pointed patent leather, square, among others.