Perfect guest look: how to dress for a communion

How to dress to go to a communion or a baptism?

Many of you ask us in the store what outfit to choose to be a guest at a first communion or a baptism. These important events in the lives of our little ones are also unforgettable days for us and of course, we want to look perfect.

The first communion or the baptism of a child is an occasion in which our clothes have to be special and elegant but we must avoid dresses and accessories that are too ostentatious. It's not a wedding.

Two-piece look for a guest

This season, the pants have imposed themselves very strongly. To be the perfect guest at a communion , we will opt for flowing silk or knit pants , preferably printed. As for colors, you can choose from a very wide range of shades, from the most neutral tones to the most acidic colors, very fashionable this spring. The bold colors make your usual garment take on a newer look.

To complete this two-piece look, choose a top or a shirt and since we are in the most fickle season of the year, a coat will be necessary. We recommend a short coat that stylizes the silhouette and will give more style to the outfit.

The jacket suit, with ankle-length pants and high-heeled sandals, is also beginning to be very trendy. In this case, accessories become very important to give a more personal touch to the suit. We advise you to try the new paper necklaces by designer Collares Ana Hagopian that we sell in our store.

Guest look with printed dress

The printed dress is another good proposal for that special day. The floral print is always a success but there are many possibilities. If you choose a short dress, we recommend adding a pastel-colored coat to complete the look and not get cold. If you opt for a long dress, put a jacket on top, ideal to break the classicism of the look.

The place where the party is held has a lot to do with choosing the outfit. We will not dress the same if we go to the countryside or the city. If you still have doubts about what clothes to choose to be the perfect guest, do not hesitate to come to the store so that our team can advise you.

communion guest look