Save My Bag vs Alexandra Alberta Chiolo, the neoprene bag!!

Neoprene bags little by little gained ground due to their lightness and comfort, until they have become an accessory that any woman wants to have.

Made with a flexible and resistant material such as neoprene , these bags are designed with a resistant design for every day and in Alexandra Alberta Neoprene Bags you can find different models, sizes and colors.

A few years ago, the neoprene bags from the Save My Bag brand were all the rage, since they were a novelty. The Italian brand was born from an idea to protect your own bag and with a clear objective, to make the woman who will use them feel cool.

They launched more than 30 colors on the market and their models can be used for any occasion, but little by little they declined until today Alexandra Alberta Chiolo is the one that stands out from the rest with its exclusive neoprene bag designs.

The designer grew up with the idea of ​​one day being able to create her own brand that has a fun and unique style that would be recognized around the world and she achieved it.

Of course he studied fashion for many years and learned a lot about different materials used for manufacturing. She believes that fashion is: “a constant mix of tradition and innovation, attention to detail and liveliness.”

Neoprene bags: the collection

As we mentioned at the beginning, neoprene bags began to be manufactured and were in great demand by everyone, due to their lightness and style. Furthermore, and a detail worth highlighting, they can be washed as many times as necessary.

Currently, these bags are trendy and add a distinctive touch to any style of look; they are comfortable, versatile and water resistant. A perfect combo, right?

The Alexandra Alberta Chiolo bag collection has colors as the true protagonists: Matt, Metal and Velvet. In addition, the designer uses marked black lines to contrast with the tones used.

The products are manufactured in Italy by professional artisans in the sector who make each bag look unique, with an incredible finish. Meanwhile, the metal accessories are nickel-free.

All the bags in the collection are made with quality products at the highest level and with fantastic designs that make them a great alternative for daily outfits.

Features of neoprene bags

Repeating that they are comfortable, super light and water resistant does not hurt, since it is these three characteristics that make them an easy product to combine and highly requested by all women anywhere in the world.

You can purchase designer Alexandra Alberta Chiolo 's bags in our store , which has more than 35 years of experience in offering women distinctive brands that set trends throughout the world.

The bag models vary in size, color and details, but they all have the same line: they have their own style. Each woman will have the possibility of choosing the right one for her personality. There are more classic designs in matte colors and some more daring metallic and velvety ones.

Neoprene is a docile and elastic material, ideal for those women who love to load their bags with many things. A perfect option to take to work, the gym or why not spend a day at the beach.

Timeless and colorful designs make Alexandra Alberta Chiolo bags the perfect companion for today's avant-garde women.

Exclusive design: bags with handles

There are many designs that stand out in the collection of designer Alexandra Alberta Chiolo, but the Bag-L model is one of the most requested, since it has a significant size, and inside it offers a pochette bag to store what you need. you want small size.

The versatility of this bag makes it a great alternative to use on different occasions and look elegant. Comfort and practicality go hand in hand. You can find it in different strong colors. Its design is with handles and a shoulder strap and it cannot be missing this 2020 season in your closet.