Save My Bag Spain with Il Baco Da Seta

The Italian bag brand Save My Bag arrives in Spain thanks to Il Baco Da Seta, a women's fashion clothing store.

Created in Bergamo (Italy), the Save My Bag company continues its rapid expansion and announces its arrival in our country. The new store, located on Isabela Católica street, 2 in Valencia, opened its doors to the public at the end of February 2016. In addition, there will be more Save My Bag store openings in Madrid and Barcelona during 2016.

Save My Bag ” was born in 2013 with the simple idea of ​​protecting women's luxury bags during a select fashion fair. A bag with a lot of personality, fun, feminine, colorful, resistant and ultra light to store your Hermès wallet or the latest Chanel... the success was immediate!

With a palette of more than 35 colors and trendy prints, the new “It-Bag” is capable of enhancing the simplest look and attracts everyone's attention on the street. It is part of these accessories that are essential in your closet and help you give life to any outfit. Save My Bag brings a casual, whimsical and elegant fashion, which allows each woman to change her look and bag color depending on her mood and the time of year: “nude” tones, soft, warm, bright colors , dark and even acidic for the most daring. It is worn by women of all types and styles – mothers and daughters – but they all share the same satisfaction of having a very comfortable bag that creates trends and breaks established rules, at a very affordable price.

The bags are made of polyester and Lycra fiber, an innovative material much more flexible, soft and lighter than neoprene. They weigh less than a small bottle of water, are waterproof and can be washed by hand or machine in cold water on a delicate cycle without spinning. In short, UNIQUE PIECE FOR UNIQUE WOMEN…

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