Where to buy branded pants for women in Valencia?


Nowadays, there are so many types of pants for women that it is often difficult to select the right one. Of course, when choosing it, different points must be taken into account.

Many women, when they are looking for the right pants, prefer to invest a little money, but that the fit is perfect and that is why they go to recognized brands.

Throughout this text, we will detail the best options that you can find in Valencia for branded pants and the main characteristics of each of them.

Types of pants

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, there are so many styles of pants that it will be easy to find the right one for your style. Of course, each brand has its own and in each collection they are guided by the trends of the moment.

Below, we show you the types of pants that you can find in stores in Valencia:

  • Straight: it is one of the most classic cuts. It has a linear design from the waist to the ankle.
  • Skinny: It is one of the tightest cuts. Its length is to the ankles and greatly marks the silhouette, since it is elasticated.
  • Palazzo: they are wide to the feet. They are usually made of light fabrics with a lot of drape.
  • High rise: this cut is characterized by shaping the waist, since they are very high.
  • Mom : high waist, tight waist. They are straight to the ankles, where the cut adjusts a little.
  • Boyfriend: These are loose-fitting, low-waisted pants. They usually roll up their sleeves around the ankles because they are narrower in that area.


Of course there are many more types of pants, but these are the most common ones found in stores. Next, we will detail the most important brands of women's pants in Valencia.

Women's brand pants in Valencia 

In our store, the options for women's brand pants are many and below we list the most important ones.


Fabiana Filippi

This brand stands out for creating garments with a perfect balance between quality and unique details. In many ways, the company's pants have an unmistakable Italian seal.

The styles that are mixed in the designs are discreet and chic at the same time, which makes them different.


The German brand is characterized by designing comfortable and stylish pants, from casual jeans for daily use to pants with appliqués for more important situations. They have a perfect fit and adhere to any female figure.

Avenue Montaigne

The designs of this brand's pants are characterized by following a line of sober and carefree aesthetics, like the French woman. The materials with which they are manufactured are of the latest generation and are made in New York.


Guitare pants are designed exclusively to be comfortable, like the rest of each of the collections. For this reason, most models tend to have a straight, loose cut and are elegant at the same time.

Lab Dip

The pants from this French brand are key if you want to show off your silhouette, you can find everything from boyfriend jeans to chinos. Each of the styles are made with quality materials. They offer an avant-garde design.


This brand is characterized by making designs with a masculine and vintage touch. The pants are special for women who like to wear authentic and comfortable clothes.


The pants of this brand are designed for women who love freedom. With a bohemian chic style, they offer comfort for being outdoors and in nature.


Zen Ethic

These pants are characterized by being elegant and with an ethnic style that stands out from other brands. The main materials used for manufacturing are: natural or recycled such as cotton, linen, silk or wool.

Liviana Conti

Conti pants are versatile, so they are easy to combine with other clothes, you can find everything from jeans to wide black pants for more important occasions. The variety is wide and for all tastes.


The finishes of the Cappellini pants are unique and some of them are made by hand, with high quality products. You can find them with a classic waist, straight, fitted, in different shades. This brand is synonymous with sophistication and elegance.