Will white pants be worn again this summer?

White pants are undoubtedly one of the garments that symbolizes summer, unlike others. It is a fundamental piece to have in the closet because in addition to being fashionable, it is always very versatile when it comes to putting together a look.

We have witnessed it during the cold months, where white pants were already at the top. This classic of all time, it is an essential to combine with a total white look or with a black top to achieve a more elegant outfit.

There are many models and fabrics in which you can find white summer pants for women , of course it is always advisable to select the one that best suits our style and it is also important to take into account what occasion they will be used for.

Types of white pants for this summer

As we mentioned, in the market it is possible to get different types of models and designs, so much so that any woman could get the right one to show off. Any advice before choosing one? Pay attention to the shape of your silhouette to get the best look.

high rise

They are perfect pants for those women who have rectangular silhouettes. This cut highlights the waist line and also highlights the curves. An alternative that looks good for white high-waisted pants is to wear them with a t-shirt, for example, inside them to accentuate your waist.


This style of pants is undoubtedly a must-have this summer, if you want to be comfortable and with the latest trends this is the best option. It looks great on women with pear-shaped bodies because it balances the hips with the lower part of the body.

Some models come short that do not reach the ankles and others do. The latter make the figure look longer. They can be worn with a short, tight top to balance the volumes of the garments.


Those women with an oval silhouette can undoubtedly opt for this style of white pants, in addition, slim legs become even more stylized. In this summer season you can combine them with a short-sleeved t-shirt or a vertical striped blouse in shades of orange or green.


This cut is another one that you cannot miss this summer season. You can find them in tight and loose cuts and complement them with sneakers to make it a more chic look.

Tailored pants also look perfect with flip flops and a shirt in the same color.

Hip pants

Although not all women are encouraged by this new cut, it is the best this season. Of course, so that the woman's figure stands out, it is advisable to wear them with a top in any color that enhances the look. Don't forget to add accessories that are the best complement!

How to combine white pants?

Of course, the combinations of clothing depend a lot on the style and taste of each woman, but if we are guided by this season's trends, you can follow these tips to feel splendid.

Let's agree that during the summer the total white look never fails. It is one of the simplest options when putting together an outfit because it looks perfect with a white shirt, an alternative to go to work, for example.

Another alternative is to combine it with black clothes to make it more sophisticated and why not attend an evening event. Add some high colored sandals to lift the look. An advice? Fashion accessories are the right ones to make a difference, so a good-sized bag or necklace would look great.

As for footwear, anything goes this summer season. If your goal is to achieve a casual look, you can add sneakers and if you want to go for a slightly more dressed-up style, some classic heels will go very well.