Party looks: What should I wear for Christmas and New Year's Eve?

The end of the year is approaching and our agenda is filled with meals, dinners with friends, co-workers, family and meetings to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Of course these are moments of happiness and we want to look cute, but many times we find it difficult to select the right look and we don't know what to wear.

The ideal is to plan ahead of time each outfit that we are going to wear for both Christmas and New Year's Eve and take care of every detail. In addition to feeling comfortable with the selected garments, it is important to know how to choose which ones are appropriate for each occasion.

Therefore, if you want to look elegant this holiday season, we recommend that you pay attention to our advice and find inspiration with our special "party looks". Don't worry, you can surely put together the best look with clothes you have in your closet, otherwise you can go to our website and find the best selection.

Party looks for Christmas dinner

How to dress for Christmas dinner? Perhaps this is the most frequent question we ask ourselves when the date approaches. The ideal is to achieve a sophisticated but comfortable look to wear all night, below we leave you some alternatives.

Look-christmas eve-9116

Dresses to celebrate Christmas dinner are a good option. In this case we selected one with a classic silhouette, traditional to the ankles, with a v-neckline. This model is perfect for this fall-winter 2022 2023 season, since it is brown, matching the cold days. To make it even a little more sophisticated and comfortable, the ones chosen to complement the outfit were some pink low shoes, made by hand.

Look-christmas eve-5117

For this look, we present you an elegant, romantic option that also won't make you cold. A white satin skirt , combined with a cashmere sweater (ideal for low temperatures), to which we added a full-bodied sweater underneath to cover the neckline, achieving a sober and very stylish outfit. To finish, we added some old pink satin sandals that give it a special touch.

Look-party-sequins-1 (1)

For those who prefer a look that is a little more playful, it is better to choose a shiny garment. In this case, a black blouse, with sequins in gold tones, will be perfect for Christmas dinner. It is combined with black pants, wide at the bottom (which you surely have in your wardrobe) that provides stylization and comfort at the same time.

Looks for Christmas dinners with your friends

Christmas dinner with friends is almost a mandatory meeting for this time, but most of the time they tend to be held in slightly more informal places, so you can avoid choosing a shiny look and opt for basics or combine classic garments with the trends that are in fashion and that you always want to wear.

In this case, the clothes chosen were a red sweater that lifted the look, long and wide. We combine it with black leather pants, a timeless option that adds a chic touch to the style. The accessories, necessary in any look, are high-top leather boots with an inner wedge and a hat in the same tone as the sweater.


If we talk about a casual, comfortable and perfect look to attend a Christmas dinner with friends, it is the one we choose below. In this case, we opted for a dark blue jean, wide at the bottom, combined with a sweater in a natural tone. As a coat, our favorite for this occasion is a cardigan in different shades, with fringes on the front seams, which give a different touch to the outfit.


Finally, another comfortable look, to enjoy Christmas dinner with friends. The selected items are a gold lurex blouse, combined with flared pants with a rubber waist that makes it a super comfortable outfit. To complete, a warm fur vest to combat the cold of this season.


Looks for dinners with friends

Party looks to succeed at your New Year's Eve party

The New Year's Eve dinner becomes one of the most special, because we prepare to receive a new year that begins, full of new emotions, which is why our look has to be appropriate for such a celebration.

In this case, as you can see, they are simple garments, but they provide a lot of elegance and that is what we are looking for. The selected garments are: a blouse with subtle shine in moss green and a coat in the same shade, while the pants also have shine that gives a chic style.

party looks

If what you are looking for is to shine and stand out at the New Year's Eve party, this look is the right one for you. Lurex garments in gold color are perfect for the occasion and one of the many must-haves of this season. In this case, we put together the outfit with a skirt and a blouse that combine very well with each other and to give it a different touch we added a sole-colored belt at the waist.

New Year's Eve Look
Look for New Year's Eve