How to dress if you are very tall or very short?

As we already know, height is something that many women take into account when dressing and no wonder, some clothes look better than others if you are very tall or very short. In this text, we will give you the best tips to put together the best look according to your height.

Sometimes it is believed that women who are very tall have advantages over the rest because their clothes fit better, although for this group it is often tedious to get the right clothes that are not too short.

Whatever group you belong to (tall or short), you don't have to worry, there are styling tricks to flatter any type of silhouette. Furthermore, any garment is suitable for anyone, you just have to know how to wear it and feel unique and comfortable in it.

Tips for dressing if you are very short

According to experts, there are three fundamental parts of the body that must be highlighted: the ankles (the ideal is to let them be seen), the legs and the waist. For this, a belt cannot be missing from your wardrobe to mark the waist, especially if you wear wide garments.

Likewise, high-waisted pants and skirts are necessary, since they stylize the figure and thus make the legs appear longer. Here are some more tips on clothing for short women:

Top parts

In general terms, on the top part, V -necklines or those that go to the back should be selected. It is preferable that shirts, t-shirts, etc. whether they are long that cover the hips or short, never a middle ground. Another option is to place them inside your pants.

Bottom parts

Skirts should preferably be short, as they are stylish if the leg is exposed. An extra, if they are high-waisted, they visibly make the legs longer. If you prefer knee-length skirts, choose to wear a high-heeled shoe.

As for pants, high-waisted, straight pants are also ideal, although skinny pants are also another alternative.

Tips for dressing if you are very tall

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, for the majority of very tall women it is difficult to find the right clothing to fit them, among the main problems are pants, the sleeves of the top garments, since they fit more. shorter than the rest. Don't worry, we'll teach you some tips to balance and stylize your figure.

Top parts

T-shirts should not be short, if they are, they should even be enough to be tucked into your pants. Long coats look great, as do oversized ones and those with puffed sleeves.

The trench cannot be missing from your wardrobe, they are perfect with tight pants and high boots. Your height will be shown at all times.

Bottom parts

Long dresses are a great option, both in prints and fabrics. The extra tight cut of jeans, like skinny, works very well, since long legs show off perfectly.

As for maxi or long skirts, they are suitable for very tall women. Additionally, you can select those that are ankle-length. Palazzo pants , plain or with prints, look great.

An extra tip? Dare to wear high heels, they look great with tight-fitting pants or skirts.