Mou waterproof boots

Surely you know the Mou boot brand or have heard about it many times and it is no wonder, since it is the perfect footwear for the coldest days of winter and we will tell you why. In addition, of all the plus points that Mou boots have, they are also waterproof, so, in addition to having warm feet every day, you can use them in the snow and on rainy days. Perfect!

This product is made with high quality and excellent materials, such as sheepskin and they are made with a fleece lining to withstand low temperatures. Each of the designs is designed so that women feel comfortable throughout the day, and they also last over time, making it an investment worth making.

Main features of Mou boots

Without a doubt, this footwear is distinguished from the rest of the boots, due to the following characteristics:

  • Artisanal manufacturing: the leather with which they are made is of the highest quality, as are the natural fibers. In addition, the leather is obtained under ecological criteria and then This process makes the Mou boots water resistant. They are made by hand, hence the perfect details and finishes it offers.
  • Exclusive design: they differ from others because they combine natural leather with unique manufacturing techniques, so much so that when using them you will feel in contact with nature. Another point that stands out is the seams.
  • Comfort and comfort: they are lightweight boots, soft to the touch and padded. They adapt to any type of foot and provide protection to it. Composed of 100% sheep wool (insoles, too).
  • Height: there are so many models, you will surely find some Mou boots for you. The Mou reeds: 40, 28,24, 22, 18 cm. All of these shafts are reinforced so that the boot remains stable.
  • Seams and soles: the seams are made by hand, one by one, it is the main feature of the boots. The color of the fabric is combined with that of the motorcycle and is also usually the same. As for the sole, it is made of super resistant EVA rubber that is 2 cm high. This product makes it a boot that lasts for years.

Why buy waterproof Mou boots?

After having read all the main characteristics of the Mou boots, you surely no longer have any doubts that it is one of the best options for this winter.

Their quality/price ratio is perfect. If you take the necessary care that the boot needs, it will be footwear that will last for many years and will be as good as the first day. In addition, being warm and water resistant, they are comfortable like sneakers and you can wear them all day without a problem.

At IL Baco Da Seta, you will find so many models of Mou boots, that you will not know which one to choose. We recommend that, if it is your first purchase, you select the most classic model that will go with any look.