12th Anniversary of Valencia Excellence

On November 8, the 12th anniversary of Valencia Excellence was celebrated in Valencia, an event that brings together the best of Valencian luxury fashion, culture, gastronomy and business. The event was held in the emblematic Plaza del Patriarca in Valencia. A key moment to make yourself known and form synergies between attendees.

Il baco da seta online women's fashion store did not want to miss the occasion and was part of the group of businesses that support Valencia Excellence. All establishments are defined by the same line: their high quality and range products.

However, Laura Gallego, the general secretary of Valencia Excellence, was adamant about the need to attract the local public. "We must raise awareness that Valencians consume in the city , " Gallego stated. This sentence had the approval of the Commercial Councilor of the Valencia City Council, Carlos Galiana, who communicated his support for this association and Sergio Bellentani, of the Valencian Tourism Agency.

The Valencia Excellence group is made up of: Antonio Romero, Azabache by Pura Garcia, Caraffa, Clínica Rahhal, Clinica Dr. Mira, Il Baco da Seta, Save my bag, Loewe, Lolo: children's fashion, Librería Leo, Louis Vuitton, Martinez Medina, Papos, Patos, Juan Romero Peluqueros, Hotel Ingles, Solo Hombre, Lladro, Ascot, Optica Climent, Alejandro, Chapeau, Hotel las Arenas, Rimontgo, Valencia Luxury, Acosta, Triggo, Senchermes, Mediolanum, Segurtempo, Shiras Art Gallery , Joyeria 7 Gallery, Ridaura Clinic, Corte Inglés, Hannover, Identis, Hugo Boss, Ferragamo, Pons Soria Dental Clinic.