Cold week, coat week

This week the cold has been the protagonist in Valencia, and there are even areas where the snow has been seen. It seems that the temperatures have no desire to rise, for this reason at Il Baco Da Seta we have highlighted these days the range of coats that we have in our store.

At Il Baco Da Seta we have various types of jackets, such as coats or down jackets for women . In this post we will show you some of the models that you can find. In addition, we remind you that at Il Baco Da Seta we are on sale, so it is time to get this essential garment in your closet.


Who said we don't like the cold? At Il Baco Da Seta we have coats that you will love, so you don't want this freezing weather to leave us. Coats in black, light colors, and with prints, perfect for every occasion, always with elegance.

Down jackets

The new winter trend is without a doubt the down jacket, a comfortable, light and warm garment. The down jacket has stopped being a simple sports outfit to become our ally against the cold of the city, and that we can use on any occasion.

At Il Baco Da Seta you can choose your favorite down jacket among all the models we have: short or long, different shades, and with a hood or without a hood.

We know how difficult it is to choose a garment that we will use for different looks and events, such as outerwear. We must take into account that it combines with the rest of the clothes we have, and with our accessories. For this reason, this week we have shown you some of the coat and down jacket models that you can find at Il Baco Da Seta, the perfect solution to combat these temperatures with style.

So come visit us and try on as many as you want!

Let's take advantage of this cold to show off our beautiful coats and down jackets!