What type of clothing suits your body best?

What type of clothing suits you best based on your body?

When selecting what clothes to wear, many issues come into play, such as fashion, personal tastes and color combinations. But have you ever thought, what type of clothing suits you best according to your body? Below from your women's fashion store we show you the best tips to achieve this.

Each person's body is unique and each one of them has its own characteristics, whatever they may be, it is beautiful and we should love it as it is. Therefore, when you learn which clothes look best, you will show off and feel unique.

type of clothing body

Before starting, it is always important that you know what your measurements are. It is the basis to be able to define what type of clothing suits your body . How to do it? Here are the steps:

  • Measure the width of the shoulders, across the back.
  • Bust : take its contour, without tightening the measuring tape too much so that it does not lose its natural shape.
  • Waistline.
  • Hip: measures the circumference in the widest area.

With these measurements it will be much easier to find the clothes that are perfect for each silhouette.

Women's body types

inverted triangle

If the measurement you took from your shoulders or bust is 5% larger than your hip measurement, you are in this group. For this body type, the ideal is to wear looser clothing on top, which visually looks asymmetrical.

On the contrary, in the lower area of ​​the body, here opt for garments with more volume, such as with ruffles or large prints. If you like to wear pants, we recommend that they be straight.

Surely you are wondering what clothes not to wear and here is the answer. Avoid clothes with little movement on the top or with lines or shoulder pads, as they will undoubtedly not work for the proportion you need.

Sand clock

Women who have similar measurements of shoulders and hips and whose waist is 25% smaller than the previous ones belong to this body type and it is advisable to wear garments with a V-neckline and those that mark the waist.

Some clothing options that will look incredible on you are:

  • Dress with a sash that marks the waist. Its width depends on the style of the dress, but at least it should measure about 6 cm.
  • Printed high-waisted skirt, combined with a plain top. In this way, the cut that occurs between the garments marks the waist.
  • Tight dress: this type of garment does not need any accessories, since the waist is marked on its own by the type of fabric.

Triangle or pear

You will find yourself in this group if your hips measure 5% larger than the measurement obtained from the chest or shoulders. It is advisable for this body type to wear upper garments with light colors, prints, V-necklines, this way it will be much easier to achieve a balance with the lower garments.

In short, for the clothes to look good, they must pass the hip line, which is why it is not advisable to wear belts or colorful or printed pants. Classic straight or semi-oxfords in dark colors work very well.


This body is considered one of the most proportioned. Your waist should measure 25% larger than your shoulders and hips (similar to each other).

What clothes to wear for a rectangular body? V-necklines, light fabrics and prints with diagonal lines so that the waist area is visible. In addition, empire-cut and bias-cut garments are ideal. Basically, the idea is to maintain the proportion between both parts of the body.

One piece of advice? Avoid buying tight dresses and wearing tops without straps, since not having them will make your body look more square.

Oval or apple

In this case, the measurements of your shoulders and hips will be 10% lower than the measurement of your abdomen. The clothes that you should select for this body type should not highlight the waist. The idea is to hide the widest area of ​​the body.

For upper garments, t-shirts, blouses with deep necklines and shoulder pads are perfect. For lower garments, it is advisable to opt for hip-cut and straight pants.

If you have to put together an evening look or for a party, select a dress with an empire cut, it will look great on you. Its length should pass the line of the knees.