What does Fabiana Filippi bring us this season?

When I started working at Il Baco da Seta, I was fascinated by that year's collection and it hasn't stopped: bright garments for special occasions or to make a more striking casual look and, above all, basic garments for a good quality wardrobe. . All firms have "that something" that makes us able to show them with pride, but today I focus on Fabiana Filippi and how she caught my attention, especially when clients affectionately call her "La Fabiana." What can we say in this post that we haven't already said? You will probably repeat me because we have taken countless looks with your clothes but first we will start at the beginning.

The Italian Mario Filippi Coccetta founded the brand in 1985 and named the company after his daughter, Fabiana Filippi . Today, it is one of the flagship companies of made in Italy and we can proudly say that it has been with us for 15 years. Its hallmarks are a silver trim that we can find on 99% of its garments and that we love.

Fabiana Filippi is a company rooted in passion and tradition for craftsmanship, an absolute asset in the ideology with which they create their designs. His love for excellence and authenticity stands out, collections marked by sophistication and elegance.

Today Fabiana Filippi is one of the leading brands in valuable Italian fashion. The brand is distributed in 30 countries around the world and is promoted in the main fashion capitals, such as Milan, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Moscow and just a week ago it opened its first store in Madrid on Lagasca street.

If there is one thing that stands out, it is because of the importance they give to the quality and style of the product, working in a precise and delicate way, creating unique jewelry for our wardrobe. Most of their garments contain silk and cashmere, which makes it impossible to resist, always. following a harmonious line and creative purity.

Fabiana Filippi is committed to developing sustainable growth thinking about the ecosystem and showing respect for the planet. The company invests in reducing the environmental impact with appropriate work methods, requesting the same commitment from its suppliers.

This year a collection predominates with very bright colors such as greens and pinks, without leaving aside its already known tones such as beige, gray or white. We have been very interested in the masculine cut jacket suit that we see so much this season in a maroon color perfect for different occasions, oversized sweaters or two-piece dresses, velvet is also present in this autumn winter collection

In our section dedicated to Fabiana Filippi , you can find a selection of garments by Fabiana Filippi, chosen by Lila Albanozzo for Il Baco da Seta, a fashion store in Valencia .