35 years of fashion in Valencia with ILBACODASETA

35 years dedicated to fashion in Valencia

II Baco Da Seta is a concept of women's fashion stores, founded by Lila Albanozzo who has been in fashion and trends for more than three decades. It was born 35 years ago and is undoubtedly a benchmark in the fashion sector in Valencia.

Lila is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, self-taught and with a very interesting story to tell.

Since its beginnings, II Baco Da Seta offers its clients a selection of the best fashion collections of the moment to adapt to all tastes and trends.

Currently, it is important to highlight that the company is committed to sustainable fashion, where style lasts over time, and the materials are natural and treated with the utmost respect for the environment.

A little history about the 35 years of II Bacchus Da Seta

As we have already mentioned before, the owner of II Baco Da Seta is Lila Albanozzo and her story is like a fairy tale.

Since she was very little she has always liked fashion, she made “exclusive designs” and made dresses for her Barbies, in fact, she had the honor of dressing her for the anniversary no. 40, in Barcelona.

In 1985, after living in Valencia for many years, the businesswoman was encouraged to open her first sewing workshop located on Albacete Street. At that time, she also worked together in the haute couture of Valencian society, becoming a reference for wedding dresses.

Lila, an entrepreneurial woman who always looked forward, went through a time of crisis in which she had to think about how to reinvent herself and find a formula to continue with her store and of course she succeeded. I took a high-performance course in which I gained confidence to innovate and continue investing.

In the 90s, the store moved to Plaza del Patriarca, where it was until 2017 when it moved to Calle Isabel La Católica, 16 where it is currently located.

In addition, Lila became well known for her bags that can be washed and only weigh 200 grams, which she discovered on a trip to Paris. With the help of their son, they requested the exclusive right to sell them throughout Spain.

Today, Lila is the owner of Il Baco Da Seta, which for 30 years has had the collaboration of a very competent team. In addition, it has owned another store located on Micer Masco Street, 24 for 6 years, Il Baco Da…

II Bacchus Da Seta today

Lila is in charge of selecting the collections in the best “showrooms” in the world to find the garments that best suit her studied clientele and also for the Valencian climate, comfortable, practical and above all of quality, with her own seal. The goal is for today's woman to be able to complete her wardrobe and not have to change her wardrobe every season.

This is why they always try to look for “different and exclusive products”.

Some of the best brands that can be found in IL Baco Da Seta are: Fabiana Filippi, Cappellini, Cambio, ADD, Majestic Filatures, Shirt C-Zero, Harris Wharf London, among many others.

Lila affirms in her statements "that the image is very important and is the first business card of any person before society since it reflects the personality and status of each one" that is why in II Baco Da Seta, each woman will be able to find her own style.

In the store, you will find personalized attention, quality and service, the relationship established between the store team and our clients becomes so intense and lasting over time that it makes us consider ourselves to be part of the same core of friendships. Also, if you wish, they can advise you so that you can achieve that image that each event requires.

II Baco Da Seta: online shopping

On our website, there are many options for clothing and brands so you can dress at any event.

Delivery times range from 72 hours to 15 business days depending on the delivery area.

If what you are looking for is to get unique and quality garments, we are waiting for you at II Baco Da Seta, more than 35 years have supported us as a reference in women's fashion in Valencia.