Lila Albanozzo in Le Courrier d'Espagne

The new issue of Le Courrier d'Espagne magazine (October-December 2017) has published an article about Lila Albanozzo, owner of Save My Bag in Spain and the multi-brand women's store Il Baco Da Seta .

This magazine is distributed on all Air Europa flights between Madrid-Paris, Madrid-Brussels and Valencia-Paris. Thanks to this number, Lila gets closer to the French public, a country that adores and feels devotion to it, its cities, streets and fashion.

Thanks to Lila, since 2014 it has been possible to buy the exclusive Save My Bag bags in Spain, with the Spanish market becoming the third with the most sales, after Italy and France.

For this reason, the magazine article shows the French public the opportunity to buy their favorite bags when they travel to Spain.

Lila is an enterprising, self-taught, businesswoman with a very interesting story. In 1985, after spending several years in Valencia, Lila opened her first sewing workshop in the Valencian capital, although she also worked for years in haute couture in Valencian society. A woman who has never stopped reinventing herself and adapting to new demands.

Lila is now the owner of Il Baco Da Seta, Il Baco Da and Save My Bag Spain, in Valencia. Furthermore, together with his son Miquele Albanozzo, he has the exclusive Save My Bag for all of Spain. “We are growing every day, little by little, but without pause.” Currently Save My Bag has its own store in Valencia, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca and Madrid, and plans to continue growing and reach out to all of Spain. All this thanks to Lila and her incredible vision of trends and demand.

In the Il Baco Da Seta and Il Baco Da stores, we can find clothes for everyday use, practical, comfortable and, above all, quality. And this is what Lila manages to bring to her store, in the form of clothing and accessories, caring about her clients and their tastes.