Il BACO DA SETA in the media of Valencia.

The cold is here to stay, as are the latest trends shown in the windows and on the websites of all the renowned stores in Valencia.

With the arrival of the new autumn-winter season, fashion-loving women want to assemble their wardrobe with the new garments that are all the rage on catwalks around the world.

Every year the fashion industry continues to grow, as did the II Baco Da Seta store, a company that has been offering quality and durability in each of its products for more than 35 years.

Its owner, Lila Albanozzo , a businesswoman, entrepreneur, self-taught, who from a very young age has felt fashion as her own, is in charge of selecting each of the garments. Their goal is for the woman who uses them to feel comfortable, elegant and feminine.

Furthermore, II Baco Da Seta is a company that is committed to sustainable fashion, something so important today. The store encourages the use of comfortable and enveloping clothing that can be worn in different seasons.

The new collections of coats, skirts, pants, jackets, blazers, among others, are already among us and we must make the most of them.

These garments were designed by each of the brands to protect the woman's silhouette in these days of low temperatures. Combining each of them can be cumbersome at first, but allow yourself to be free and feel complete with the outfit you select to wear.

In recent years Valencia has become a city where fashion is at the top. Shopping centers and stores can be seen in every corner.

The most recognized designers from around the world, trends and different collections are imposed on the streets of the city.

So much so, that Italian fashion , a world reference for quality, sophistication and recognized for its handmade garments, with luxury designs, can be found in stores, with brands such as: Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Gucci, Hetregó, Goodmatch , Fabiana Filippi, among others.

Fashion allows people to express themselves and be free. The trends that are presented become part of the daily lives of the women who choose them. For all this, the Valencia shopping center is a reference site for each of them.