We premiere Autumn Winter Season 2019 2020

We premiere Autumn Winter Season 2019 2020

In all the years that our clothing store Il Baco da seta has been in business, it has only had one purpose and that is to make women feel comfortable when dressing, sophisticated and unique. We carefully choose each collection with enthusiasm, we know that each woman has a different body and tastes, so we hope that this autumn winter 2019 2020 season reaches you and you like it as we do.

And here is a small summary of the latest in women's fashion !

With the arrival of September, autumn begins and we say goodbye to those airy dresses, long or short , that have been such good friends for us, and that is why we usually welcome pants. Jeans , the magical garment of the last decade and that can never be missing from our closet. We know, we have several models but we never get tired of them. The Cambio pants brand brings us various colors and models, as do clothing brands such as Kiltie, Avenue Montaigne or Ago. and edge. Velvet, leather, jeans, wool, a wide variety of proposals to wear this fall winter 2019 2020 season.

Another of the most important winter items are coats. We always lean towards fashion trends but also towards quality and comfort. For example, the Harris Wharf London coat brand It is always a safe bet: variety of colors and models, designed in London and created in Italy, a featherweight where simplicity and elegance coexist in equal parts.

New signings have arrived in this coat section in our store. Betta Corradi gives us hair models in bright colors and Femme by Michele Rossi with a large collection of coats, one of them made exclusively for I l Baco da Seta.

To finish , we will say that absolute exclusivity has arrived with the Italian brand Giovi which offers us fur coats , cardigans and a novelty, ponchos.

Autumn & winter is also synonymous with festive events , weddings and ceremonies. We know this and we choose the dresses, outfits or jumpsuits for you, always thinking about your comfort, that you feel good in both the model and the accessories. Fabiana Filippi , Fuzzi , Alisy or Whyci can be the brands chosen for this.