Equivalence of women's sizes by country.

Equivalences: women's sizes by country

It is clear that when we go on vacation to other countries, we all love to go shopping and even more so if it is for clothes. But many times we encounter a problem: we don't know what the size is. That's why from Il Baco da Seta Online, a women's fashion store, we have published this publication to help you find your size.

The thing is that each country has its own size and in turn for each type of garment: skirt, jeans, shirt, shoes, etc. So selecting the right one and not wasting hours searching is not so easy. For this reason, throughout this text we will show you the women's size tables corresponding to the most prominent countries.

Likewise, despite these tables, you have to keep in mind that the size of each garment changes a lot depending on each brand and manufacturer, but you can guide yourself a lot with them.

The ideal is that if, for example, you buy online, you enter the image of the garment you want to purchase, which usually has the exact specifications with the measurements, that way you cannot make a mistake.

Of course, before selecting a garment and using the size chart as a reference, it is essential that you know your measurements: chest, hips and waist.


This table indicates the measurements of bottom parts, for example, skirts and jeans. In any case, you should keep in mind that they can change, because it varies depending on the cut of the garment, the model, the fabric, the fit and much more.

In this case, this table indicates measurements of upper garments, for example: t-shirts, jackets, etc. Take into account the same instructions as with the bottom garments.

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