Where to buy Fabiana Filippi in Spain

Where to buy Fabiana Filippi in Spain

Fabiana Filippi is an outstanding women's clothing brand with years of experience in the market, in fact, it is recognized throughout the world, as it has stores in Ukraine, Russia, France, Holland and other countries. Of course, Spain is no exception, so throughout this text we will show you where to buy their clothes.

The firm is characterized by designing and creating feminine garments, for those women who want to look splendid and seek excellence when completing their look.

Balance and quality is what is left over in their collections, in addition to the soft and neutral colors that they provide to create discreet and chic outfits.

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YOWE SL, this store is located at Avenida de Roma 4 and is a company that has been dedicated to fashion and aesthetics for some years. The goal of the store is to satisfy demanding customers who want to take care of their image. Both in the physical store and online, you can get the Fabiana Filippi collection.


Veritas , located at Calle de Rodríguez Arias, 46, this store is open from Monday to Saturday: 10:00–1:30 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m.–8:00 p.m. This store is recognized in Spain and other countries for being one of the best multi-brand boutiques, where it is possible to purchase Fabiana Filippi garments.


Gallery is a luxury ready-to-wear boutique, located at Avenida Meritxell 61-63. It contains the most exclusive brands from around the world, including Fabiana Filippi.

The store has spaces completely designed for today's woman, who seeks exclusivity in advice and personalized attention.


Marfranc has different stores in Girona and they are located at the following addresses: PLATJA D'ARO , on Avenida de s'Agaró, 76, PUIGCERDÀ , on Carrer Major, 12, 16. In both stores you can buy the garments by Fabina Filippi. Plus, of course you can do it from the web.

Palma de Mallorca

FARINELLI, this store offers its clients many years of experience in the sector and the best European brands. Each of them are selected to meet the needs of the female sector. The attention is personalized, in fact from the website you can reserve your appointment to be attended exclusively.


The official FABIANA FILIPPI store is located on Lagasca Street, 71. It goes without saying that there you will find the entire brand's complete collection and personalized attention. Also, another store on P.º de la Castellana, 79.

At the KETY PANIAGUA Boutique , you can also find Filippi's clothes. It is located on Modesto Lafuente Street, 84.


In the IL Baco Da Seta physical store, you can get personalized attention and the best women's clothing brands, among which Fabiana Filippi stands out. It is located on Isabel La Católica street, 16 and you can also do it from their website. Garments purchased by this means are delivered to your home at no cost.